Home Tour Friday – Landing

This HTF is going to be a bit of a short yet sweet one as we move upstairs after finishing the rooms downstairs last week. As with most landings though, it doesn’t really have much furniture or features so I don’t have as much to show you.

If you missed the home tours previously then you can find the posts for all of the rooms on the ground floor here –

  1. Hallway
  2. Kitchen
  3. Living room
  4. Dining room
  5. Playroom
  6. Office, utility & WC

As with the hallway, the colour on the walls is Dulux ‘Natural Hessian’ which if anyone watches my stories will have seen my regret of taking on such a huge task by myself a few months back. It was previously a green colour from F&B (‘Vert de Terre’) however I never really loved it & painting it in a paler, more neutral colour has made the space look even bigger.

The layout of this landing was one of the things that sold the house to me & I love the quirky little areas it sets out. Walking up the stairs to the front of the house leads you in to Rory’s room on the left & Elsa’s room on the right. Or carry on up the stairs directly in front takes you in to our bedroom (with ensuite) to the right, the spare bedroom & the main bathroom (which is also a jack & jill style so leads round in to Elsa’s bedroom through a door which I’ll show on future HTF posts no doubt).

We can’t not talk about the huge original stained glass window which just makes my heart beat a little bit faster…is it possible to love a window? Whenever we get double glazing salesman knocking on the door asking if I’d like a quote to change the original windows to UPVC, it makes me want to tell them what they’re doing should be made illegal.

We used the same lighting as in the hallway downstairs to unify the two spaces, this is the Endon Lambeth from Wayfair.

The console table is the smaller version of the one downstairs in the hallway & also in the living room (it also matches the 2x dressers in the dining room) which is an absolute bargain at £153.99, the Chatham from Wayfair.

I’ve styled it with this artificial lavender plant from Matalan (unfortunately no longer sold but but they are KILLING it with their artificial plants (click to see the ranges) at the mo…much like I kill real ones. ), a radio for belting out the tunes on a Sunday morning or mid bathroom clean which was from Aldi originally & the lamp was from The Range. Above is a calligraphy piece I commissioned from the talented @gingerhearts.

This space isn’t quite how I want it though. Those of you that have been following me for a little while we know that I’m a bit of a history geek when it comes to my favourite subject, interiors & houses. The past few months I’ve spent hours upon hours researching Baylyn House in the view to display all my findings on the people that once graced these walls (& walked down that same staircase). Unfortunately it’s proven to be a lot more challenging that I thought & despite even getting the local historical society to help, I don’t have anything much worth framing so the gallery wall running down the stairs is going to have to wait for now. Would anyone like a blog post on how to go about finding out their houses history by the way?

My plan is to also take up the carpet & put down a stair runner to make it look more in keeping with the traditional Victorian era so if anyone knows of any good companies then do let me know!

Sorry for the mini post but next week is all about Master Valentines bedroom (which I’ve fallen out of love with a bit….you all know what happens when that happens right). Have a fantastic weekend you lovely lot.


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  1. Rally Annie
    July 29, 2018 / 6:19 pm

    I’d love a post on how to research the history of my house. We have a print of the local map dates 1850 and our house is on it but I don’t even know when it was built.

    Any reputable local carpet supplier can supply a stair runner, they just need to get both edges whip-stitched so it’s finished properly. Ours is just awaiting our final renovations. ?