13 Signs You’re Developing A Wonderful Green Thumb*

There are almost no wholesome feelings comparable to that you experience when working on your own garden space over the summer. Even those who may not have initially considered themselves interested in gardening can often see the amazing utility and beauty in slowly, diligently negotiating with the small plot of Earth they own, therapeutically preparing plans, combing the soil and purchasing new garden implements to wrap those efforts in a neat little bow.

It isn’t spoken of as often, but this form of personal maintenance can feel as comforting or rewarding as a long-form session of Yoga (perhaps even as exhausting in some ways!) The meditative aspect of kneeling and slowly designing, conforming the soil to your will, and generally spending time in nature is something that has likely been enjoyed ever since the concept of ‘maintaining a green space’  existed thousands upon thousands of years ago.

This gorgeous (if incredibly hot) summer lends itself to this new hobby tremendously well, provided you continually hydrate and protect yourself with the best sun protections around.

Here are thirteen signs that your green thumb may be becoming a real form of adoration for you, and that you should potentially consider attending gardening shows, or unveil your crops at the local market:

You Tailor Your Financial Situation –

It might be that you find some real benefit in learning how to increase credit score to potentially purchase wonderful large implements on credit. You may have a small reserve saved for new items and implements that you could not do without. Your recreational financial situation is now mostly saved for your garden, and you love it that way.

You Make Time For Gardening Shows –

Whereas before you may have watched the news, now you flick to the relaxing gardening shows in the evenings to pick up tips and unwind. This change will certainly yield you more optimism.

You Make Time For Gardening Podcasts –

But what good is a show inside when it takes you from your garden? There are many great gardening podcasts out there, and now you prefer listening to these through your iPhone headphones. Spotify begone!

You Make Any Excuse To Head Outside –

If you find that gardening has become your de facto method of relaxing and unwinding, not only have you found a beautiful method of staying in shape, but a much healthier method of relieving stress.

Hours Pass In Bliss –

If you lose track of time while outside your green thumb may be fully developed.

Your Greenhouse Or Storage Shed Is Organised –

This is the main potential. These areas simply aren’t organised without someone who cares taking stock of them.

You Visit The Gardening Centre Without Even Purchasing Items –

Garden centres are beautiful environments with plenty to offer. If you head there without even picking up items, but to relax and view the new items available, you may have the gardening addiction. That, or they have a great cafe on the premises.

You Get Your Children Involved –

There are so many benefits of gardening for children. You’re hoping to see this for yourself.

You Have The ‘Farmers Tan’ Already –

This speaks for itself.

You’re Getting Stronger & More Fit –

One benefit people neglect to mention about gardening is that it often lends itself to getting in shape. How could it not? It’s an intensely physical activity. It could make you more flexible too.

You Hear ‘Wow’ –

While aiming at a real goal, you may not have thought too much about unveiling your garden, but rather enjoying the process. If you hear ‘wow’ from one of your family members, you’re probably doing something very, very right.

You Care About Design, Shape & Layout –

You realise that gardening is less of an isolated hobby and more of a beautiful method of design and care. You know this now and care about the little details/

You Serve Your Own Vegetables –

If you’re planning on growing vegetables to serve with next year’s roast, you have made the small step further in the direction of sustaining yourself. This is truly wonderful.

With these little fun insights, you may have found yourself with a green thumb. We’d say that even if you have half of these ticked, you are a budding new gardener with plenty of potential. Have fun!


*This is a collaborative post