Looking Ahead – My Resolutions For 2019

Yesterdays blog post was all about looking backwards at the past year, but this one’s all about what’s to come & now more than ever I’m determined & most importantly confident in my ability that I can do whatever I set my heart on. 2018 was so far the best year of my life, despite eating lettuce leaves for the vast majority of it, but I just know that 2019 is going to be even better & I’m approaching it with a very sore head after last nights antics but also with a fiery heart & strong head.

It’s often the case that the vast majority of New Years resolutions are forgotten about & classed as a failure come March & of course you shouldn’t have to wait for a brand new year to make changes or become a brand new you. That being said, I think that the opportunity better yourself or take a leap of faith can only be beneficial so I’m all for it, even if it does only last January, it’s better than never starting at all.

2018 was all about my weight loss journey & 2019 (& for the rest of my life as this is a lifestyle & I’m going to always have to be aware of my diet to maintain as a complete foodie) is still going to revolve around that, at least to get off the weight I’ve put on throughout December after my op & Christmas! However, I’ve also got some other things I want to work on & some exciting new ventures that I can’t wait to tell you all about.

First up on the list is something that’s been a long time coming but I haven’t had the confidence to do up until now. I’m super excited & proud to tell you all that I’m launching a brand new business called ‘Interiors By Charlotte Valentine’.

I’m still very much committed to this blog & my Instagram which in itself is more than a full time job but wanted to push & develop myself more as a designer so will be taking on a handful of clients a month to help transform their home. Taking on a limited amount of projects will also mean that I can be as focused as possible & provide a really friendly & bespoke service rather than churning out room after room. To enquire please visit www.interiorsbycharlottevalentine.com or email [email protected].

I’m going to be launching soon so keep your eyes peeled!

This leads me on to my next resolution, which slightly contradicts above considering I’ll be working more than ever but I want to learn to switch off more than I do.

I’m a do-er, an over thinker & a workaholic. It’s in my nature to push myself but sometimes it can become all consuming & damn exhausting when you pretend you’re super woman 99.9% of the time. It’s okay to admit when you’ve bitten off more than you can chew & sometimes saying ‘no’ is the right thing rather than ending up stressed & miserable. I need to learn to listen to my body & my mind more than I have done previously.

My next 2019 resolution is to travel more. My eyes were opened in 2018 to the beauty of the world around us & now the littles aren’t quite so little any more it seems like now’s the time to show them it too. I can’t wait to take spontaneous breaks away in our lovely caravan to see parts of the UK on our doorstep as well.

Speaking of enjoying staycations over and above travelling abroad, I’d also like to be more environmentally friendly in my day to day life. I might not be able to have a septic tank installation (which is ideal if you want to be truly green), but I can do my bit and recycling more and being on top of my energy usage has to be part of my 2019, and beyond.

Every day I’m going to try to do something I love & something that’s just for me. Whether that’s something big or little, I want to prioritise myself rather than thinking of everyone/everything around me & putting myself last. It can be something such as a bath, a good book or a 5 minute walk.

Finally, the one thing I say all the time is that I want to spend more time in the present & less time thinking ahead. Yes I’m massively breaking this whole resolution before I’ve even begun by writing this post but I think it’s going to take time as I’m a natural born planner & organiser. I want to live in the moment…& that involves putting down my phone more often too which I know my husband will appreciate more than anyone!

What do you have on your resolutions list? I’d love to hear your ambitions & hopes for the wonderful year ahead.

Also, if your aim is to do what I did in 2018 & lose weight then we still have some spaces available for the ‘Home & Health Retreat’ to give yourself a boost & learn all about self care, cooking (& eating..) delicious nutritious food, finding a balance between busy every day life & making your home a sanctuary then head over to the post to read more & get yourself booked on.

Make 2019 your year ♥



  1. Grace
    January 1, 2019 / 6:18 pm

    Charlotte please can you share your receipes again on insta highlight or on your page..

  2. January 1, 2019 / 9:30 pm

    Hi Charlotte
    You have really been an inspiration to me with your incredible weight loss, your ambition for life and honesty you show on your Instagram page.
    I have been losing weight and have already lost over a stone and half.
    My ambition is to really continue to build up my blog as it’s something I really feel proud of and have worked hard on it.
    It has helped me so much with my fibromyalgia and has given me so much focus.

    So that’s my goal for this year.

    Good luck with your new adventure I know you will go strength to strength.

    Love Claire