Luxury Living Room Interiors*

The majority of families spend most of their time together in the living room. It is a place of comfort, happiness, and a place where everyone can just relax together and watch some good old TV. Considering the living room is so popular, it’s the main reason why it’s so easy for it to become a little outdated along the way. Not even outdated, it’s easy for it to become susceptible to a little wear and tear as well. So, considering you’re going to be spending so much time in there, and it might need a little renewal, here’s some luxury living room interior ideas that will make all your friends and family envious.

Furniture –

It has long been up for debate as to whether leather sofas are better than material sofa. We believe that both are just as good as each other, and both can be made to look just as luxurious. For a cloth material styled sofa, we highly recommend that you go and check out Alexander and James Sofas. If you can find a perfect corner sofa in a brown/grey colour, you’re halfway to achieving luxury. All you would need is a nice fur throw to slouch over it, and some lovely fluffy cushions to match whichever colour you go or and you’re going to achieve that Pinterest worthy furniture design. As for the furniture in the rest of the room, oak is always recommended. Rather than going for the typical light oak, go for the dark, more authentic style. It just oozes luxury!

The Decor –

The decor isn’t hard to master, and if you want to go luxurious then pretty much everything is going to work. Now, what we recommend is either all white walls, or a light grey depending on what colour sofa you manage to bag yourself. Then you need to have one feature wall of wallpaper. The reason we suggested the lighter coloured walls are so that pretty much every colour you can want on the feature wall would match. So, we’re thinking a nice light floral design to keep the room interested Make sure the background is white, and use the colours from the flowers to liven up the room. Plus the floral design gives you that sort of elegance that the room might have been missing beforehand. Using wallpaper all round gives you the freedom to swap and change a bit easier whenever you want, and it isn’t as easy to get dirty or ruin like painted walls seem to be.

The Accessories –

The accessories are the main event for a lot of people. You want to try and get as many cute but luxurious ornaments as possible. For example, one wall could have stacking shelves at different heights. On one level you could have the relaxing vibes of Buddha ornaments, on the next you could have a lovely bowl of potpourri, making sure it matches the colour of the feature wall, and on the top shelf you could have an array of different candles.


*This is a collaborative post