The Benefits Of Cozy, And What Cosy Is*

What is cosy? Cosy is a word you’ve heard often, and might even appreciate. It’s something we all need to feel comfortable and relaxed in our home life. It’s something which helps us truly stretch all our limbs, yawn, and feel safe in the best, most wholesome way possible. You can’t always make it through life with that go-go-go mentality. Even blockbusters depicting strong, blunt heroes have scenes where they relax before the storm. It’s important that this winter, a winter following plenty of political outrages, hard work events, and goal achievement, that you relax in the best possible way. We’ll help you with that, and through the complete lens of feeling cozy.

Get A Better Duvet –

When was the last time you actually updated your bed spread? It’s something that we often take for granted. If it’s working, clean, and keeps us warm, then we’re often happy with it. However, it can be easy to forget how amazing a new bed implement can feel. Upgrading your bedspread to house a goose feather duvet, one that takes all the softness of feathers, and naturally crafts it into a wonderfully relaxing and gentle spread that might inspire you to sleep for weeks. Sleep hygiene is directly connected to how beautiful and premium your bed is, so indulge a little here and truly set yourself up for some restful nights. It will be a large proportion of your life, after all.

Home Comforts –

Home comforters are a wide category of products, but some are better than others for that ‘cozy’ feeling. Purchasing winter-themed scented candles can help your entire room fill with the gorgeous atmosphere and mood you’ve been going for. Added blankets made from stellar materials can help you wrap up with a partner during a film. Added understated mood lighting can help set the ambience in your room.

After all, cosiness is a perfect balance of physical comfort and the surroundings you inhabit. It can also include entertainment, so don’t be afraid to purchase that Netflix subscription and binging shows on your days off with your significant other or friend. Cosiness is about indulgence, and you’ve worked hard this year, so you deserve it.

Celebrate The Year

What did you love about this year? Even if it was difficult, there was bound to be something that gave you cause for hope and love. Was it a new girlfriend/boyfriend? Was it a new niece or nephew coming into the world? Was it a promotion, or a mixture of all of these? For this reason, framing your achievements, or pictures of your loved ones around the home can help you remind yourself of your love, your motivations, and your inspirations. No matter who you are or how much material comfort you have around you, this can warm your soul, and is important to truly eradicate that stress.

Cosiness is around the corner. Make sure you implement it this winter for a perfect end to the year.


*This is a collaborative post