The Home That Drained Me*

Your home is going to be your prized possession, you’ll do everything you can to make sure it is perfect for you in everyway. The constant need to have a perfect home however, can become a little draining after awhile, especially if you have children. They’re a nightmare for running riot in the house before soundly sleeping whilst you clean up, only for the same process to be repeated everyday. But nothing is more rewarding that having a beautiful home, and it isn’t that hard to achieve it if you know what to fix up. So before you let your home become a source of aggravation, follow this guide to make life at home a little easier.

Technology –

Technology should be your best friend when you own your own home. There’s so much out there now that can help us in more ways than one. Hoovering for example is the bane of a lot of homeowners life isn’t it? But have you seen the hoovers that now go around and do it for you? Other models have been developed, but Dyson have one with a camera built in that maps the rooms for you. It’ll then go round doing it all for you. This simple little bit of technology is more of a blessing than any of us care to realise. There’s also the Amazon Echo that you can talk to to help you plan your life whilst running around the house. You could ask it to set you an alarm, make a shopping list etc. As simple as it may be, when you’re running round trying to organise your house things will pop in your head, and leave as quick as you thought of them. Just having that bit of tech that’ll jot these thoughts down for you can be so handy.

Fixer Upper –

Unfortunately, homes seem to be a constant fixer upper. There’s always something that needs doing. Whether it be a leaky tap, or blocked drains. Both are just as annoying as each other, and both can’t be solved by doing them yourself, unless you’re quite the handyman. But bigger jobs like this are best left to be done by professionals. Smaller jobs around the house however you could undertake. After a few years, we all know that the paint can become a little… just faded. It doesn’t look as good as it used to be. Thankfully, painting is one of the more entertaining tasks you can do, especially if you get the kids involved. They were after all, probably the ones who marked the wall in the first place! Make sure you prep the wall properly and use a few layers. Finish off with a gloss and it can completely transform a room. Again, if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, you can always enlist the help of a professional.

A home doesn’t have to drain you, you just need to know what to do to keep on top of things. Enjoy your home rather than letting it be the bane of your life.


*This is a collaborative post