The Downsides To Downsizing*

Moving to a smaller home is often a great idea. This sort of decision will see you saving money in loads of different areas, from your rent or mortgage to the bills you have to pay. Along with this, it also gives you the chance to get rid of some of the clutter. Of course, though, it’s not all good. With the benefits, you also have to think about the downsides which come with downsizing, and this post is here to help you out. It will be exploring a couple of the most common issues people find when they move somewhere smaller, along with some ways to overcome them.

Of course, the most obvious issue you’re going to face in this sort of move is the space you lose out on. You probably won’t be able to get rid of many of your possessions without regretting it, and most people will fill the space they’ve been living in. this is particularly hard when it comes to furniture. There could be pieces you love which won’t fit into the new place, and you’ll want to hold onto them. Thankfully, this isn’t the end of the world, but you’ll have to do a lot of work to make sure you don’t lose your beloved pieces.

Along with the lack of space of the items you own, moving somewhere smaller could also impact your daily life. Not a lot of people realize, but their habits are often born around their environment. Downsizing could leave you living somewhere which doesn’t enable your old habits. In a lot of cases, this can become very frustrating, and some people will struggle to adapt to their new space. Adaptability can be very hard, especially when it’s the space you live in.

Some Solutions –

When space is your issue, it can often feel like you don’t have any options. Most people can’t afford or don’t have the chance to extend their home, and this would defeat the purpose of downsizing in the first place. Thankfully, flexible self storage is available almost everywhere. With a small monthly fee, you could have all of your important stuff looked after. Along with this sort of idea, you could also consider renting a garage or lock up, but this sort of idea is usually less secure.

Of course, some of the items you own won’t be able to be stored elsewhere. If you need them in your everyday life, you don’t have a choice; they need to be at home. To overcome this, there are loads of clever storage solutions out there to help you. Companies like Ikea have pioneered this art, as homes get smaller and people are owning more than ever. So, it should be nice and easy to solve this little issue.

Moving to a smaller home is never an easy process. Most people will get very used to the space they have, and it could take a long time until your new place feels like home. Of course, though, with the right effort, you can make it a lot easier for yourself.


*This is a collaborative post