Top 5 Tips To Make The Most Of Small Spaces

When your faced with a small space it can seem quite challenging; making the most of this area is vital as after all it is still useable no matter how teeny tiny.

Everybody (unless you live in a 10 bedroom mansion) feels like they don’t have enough space & could do with more especially in modern houses which lack storage & seem to have pointless crevaces that don’t do anybody any favours.

However, with a bit of interior styling & some creativity you can make the most of these small spaces & turn them into brighter & more useable areas with my top tips –

1. Measure –

Always make sure you measure rooms fully before purchasing furniture & if needed, use items to draw out exactly how big they’ll be. The last thing you need is to get a sofa home without realising how big it is & then it completely take over the room, or worse yet, not fit in the gap it was intended for.

2. Chose clever furniture –

Go for the furniture with secret storage as you can NEVER have too much; think ottoman footstools & beds or a sofabed if you lack a spare bedroom & may have guests coming to visit.

3. Make use of lighting –

Natural lighting is always preferencial so make sure you let in as much as possible; chose curtain poles that are too long for the window so that curtains can be pushed right back so as to not block any of the window when opened. Also use lamps & lighting to open up the space as well as creating a cosy atmosphere; pop a table lamp in a dark corner.

4. Use mirrors & glass – 

Opening things up will always make a space feel more spacious so by replacing doors with glass or frosted glass it’ll let more light in. Mirrors also play lots of visual tricks & are used by interior designers everywhere to create an illusion of space by bouncing light around the room.

5. Make use of every space – 

A small hidden corner or alcove in a room needn’t be wasted; pop some shelving up for storage space or pretty items. Use decorative boxes to store any clutter.  

Love, Charlotte x