3 Ways Furniture Can Transform Your Room*

Do you sometimes feel like you’re getting bored of your interior decor, even though you’ve invested a lot of time and effort in it? The living room that once was so exciting seems to get a little dull. It’s all same old, same old. Don’t blame yourself: it’s natural to want your decor to evolve. But you can’t always find the time or the energy to do everything again from scratch. Have you considered that sometimes all to need to do is to introduce a different piece of furniture to change the ambiance in a room? As your furniture is the central eye catcher, some carefully transformations can change your dull-looking living room into a brand new and inspiring area again. Here are three little tips on how to use your furniture as a decorative accent, for all types of budget big and small.

#1. Buy fresh and new

The main reason why a specific decor inspires nothing but boredom is that the room looks and feels tired. You can’t hide the signs of tear and wear on old pieces of furniture forever. Maybe the small coffee table in the lounge is just too old to look good any longer. Buying new furniture is, by far, the best way to remove the signs of age from a room. If you want a crisp and modern finish, you should be looking for plain white living room furniture from coffee table to TV stand. Black and dark wooden furniture can also add the touch of modern minimalism that you’re after. If you prefer an exotic style, pick warm colours and exciting patterns instead. For a bright and bubbly style — think the Google’s offices in Soho —, there’s nothing a trip to IKEA can’t solve!

#2. Make it unique with paint

What if you really like your old table and can’t bear the idea of getting rid of it? If you have a taste for DIY projects, you might enjoy whacking a touch of chalk paint on it to give it a brand new look. Chalk painting is accessible to all DIY enthusiasts, even if you’re a complete amateur, because it doesn’t require any prep work and is thick enough to cover any uneven and damaged surface in a coat. More importantly, you’re saving a lot of money and redesigning your interior in less than one hour! What’s not to like?

#3. Make it yourself

If you feel more confident on the DIY and craft sid, you might love the idea of creating your own pieces of furniture. No, it doesn’t mean that you should sign up to a carpentry course right now. But it’s about recycling items that you don’t use with a bit of smart cutting, screwing and painting. Say you’ve got an old chest of drawers that you don’t use anymore. You could quickly transform it into a cosy interior bench over a weekend. Or why not turn a set of drawers into a vintage side table for the living room? You can be sure that creating something utterly new will add a stylish je-ne-sais-quoi to the decor!

Buying, painting, or recycling. Three decorative options for everyone, whether you love DIY or hate it, whether you want to invest a lot of budget or you’re counting your last coins. In the end, the more you do in the home, the more it makes you in return!


*This is a collaborative post