5 Ways Those Green-Fingers Can Add Value To Your Home*

When we are trying to sell our home we become obsessed with the interior of our house. We repaint walls magnolia, make everything neutral and make our house look like a showhome. We all know what 10 things we need to make sure that we DON’T do when we are selling our house, but do we know that we should also be thinking about our garden when selling our house? Gardens are really important to us homeowners and a survey from Lloyds TSB Insurance found that the typical garden was worth £1,928. However, the garden is also the space that is often overlooked when getting a house ready to sell.

5 Ways We Can Add Value To Our Garden

Trampolines –

The family market is crazy for trampolines. Having a trampoline in your garden will prove that it is big enough for a trampoline and family life in general. It will have your buyers bouncing their way towards making an offer on your house.

Greenhouses –

We all fancy a bit of “The Good Life” and frugal living is very much in vogue at the moment. People want to be able to grow their own vegetables. A greenhouse like halls magnum greenhouses will sell them the healthy lifestyle. They will be able to grow their own organic vegetables, instead of paying through the nose for organic vegetables in the supermarket.

Hot Tubs –

Hot tubs are becoming increasingly popular. At the moment about 10% of Britons have hot tubs. It shouts luxury without the hefty price of a swimming pool. Buyers will be able to imagine themselves in the hot tub after a long day, wine in hand. You can buy a hot tub from a couple of thousand pounds all the way up to more that £16,000. A hot tub isn’t for everyone but if you fancy floating in some bubbles, under the stars, then putting your house on the market might be the perfect excuse.. That hot tub might also help keep you relaxed during the stressful house selling process! You might just want to be prepared for the neighbours wanting to join you in your hot tub.

Landscaping –

Having a landscaped garden will make your garden look more appealing to your buyer. However, be careful to make sure that your landscaped garden doesn’t look too intimidating. A striped lawn with pond and koi fish might look wonderful in Homes and Gardens magazine, but it could shout high maintenance to your buyers. Make sure your garden is pretty on the eye but also looks easy to look after.

Plants –

Filling your flowerbeds with plants will make your garden look really appealing and it will tell your buyer that they won’t need to spend a lot of money to get the garden looking nice. They will see that you have done all of the hard work for them. Some nice flowers and a tidy lawn will have your buyers falling in love with your house. Also, remember to think about your front garden. You want that front door looking welcoming so some hanging baskets or box hedges will give your home real kerb appeal.

Get those green-fingers out and you will be adding real value to your house and selling your home in no time!  


*This is a collaborative post