Thinking About Your Home In Winter*

It is well and truly autumn with winter fast approaching. You might be in the grips of getting back into a school routine, preparing for Halloween or just enjoying the changing landscape. Whatever you are doing, you might want to spend some time thinking about your home and the seasons.

The cold weather can have all sorts of effects on your home – and your bank account, but there are some things that you can do to prepare for the winter chills, both inside and outside the home.

Pipes and drains

Have the pipes and drains looked at to make sure there aren’t any cracks from last year or any weak points that could lead to a break this winter. The expansion of water while it freezes can add too much pressure onto older pipes. Insulate your pipes while the weather’s still mild to avoid any unnecessary surprises.

Turn the heat up

Many people will have already started to turn the heating on in the house. And this will only become increasingly more common over the next few months. Keep the heat in by shutting all doors in the house, by using a draught stopper at the base of doors, and by utilising the use of fireplaces and candles. People underestimate the heat that you gain for lighting some candles or using a fireplace – gas, electric or log burning.


Windows can leak money during the winter, installing double glazed windows will solve the issue immediately. If you don’t want to do this, or it’s a job for next year, then apply draught guards at the base of the window, and use heavy or thick curtains to stop so much air from escaping.


As the weather turns icy, you might want to think about investing in some road salt to lay on your driveway. The sand and salt mixture with help to reduce ice and to melt any snow that may fall. If your driveway slopes towards your house you might want to employ some sandbags near the front door (if it isn’t raised) to keep any melted ice or snow from leaking into the house. In extreme cases, avoid parking on a sloped driveway as your control will be off. You don’t want to slide into your house when pulling in, nor do you want to slide into the road without control when pulling out.


Another safety winter tip is to have your tires replaced. A new trend will help you navigate frozen roads. Never pour boiling water over your windshield to melt any ice – this will just crack the glass, and nobody wants that expense. Use a good de-icer and a scraper, or just let the heat run until the ice melts naturally. To prevent the freezing of your car, you can cover the windshield with a protector or a towel – keep a bag in the car to keep it while it melts so keep your car damp-free.


*This is a collaborative post