New Home Checklist: The First Things You Should Do When You Move In*

You don’t need me to tell you how hard it can be when you move home. Even the smoothest of moves can take a fair few days and involve a lot of stress. When you’re finally moved in, there are still things that need to be taken care of. These range from important tasks to things that maybe aren’t that critical.

To help you organise your life, here’s a little checklist of things to do when you move into a new home:

Decide On The Interior Design –

A new home is like a blank canvas waiting to be painted. Before you fully settle in, you should decide on the interior design themes of your house, and decorate it accordingly. It’s much easier to do this right at the start, possibly even before you unpack your moving boxes and bring the furniture in. You’ll have more space, and it makes things less stressful.

Decorate The Kids Rooms –

If you have children, then their rooms must take priority over everything else. Why? Because a blank and foreign room will feel weird to a child. It can help them settle in if their room is nicely decorated as soon as possible. It’ll feel more like home, and they’ll have fewer restless nights.

Insure Your Property –

It’s absolutely essential that you protect your personal belongings and your property itself. No doubt you’ve bought some expensive and funky furniture to decorate your home, well, you want to protect these expensive items with contents insurance. Most home insurance policies come with this, it’s advised you invest in one as early as possible. Particularly if you live in either a rough area or somewhere with lots of bad weather.

Buy New Locks –

Never stick with the same locks as the previous owners. It’s just weird to have locks that other people might have the keys too. I find it unsettling, and you should buy new locks to make your home safer.

Install A New Alarm –

Again, don’t stick with the same alarm someone else had. It could be old and outdated, you’re much better off installing a whole new alarm system. Once again, this will serve to protect your home and keep your family safe.

Make It Smell Good –

You know when you buy a brand new car, and it has the new car smell? Well, things are sadly different when you buy a new house. There’s no ‘new house smell’ there’s just the lingering odours left over by previous owners. I find that empty houses tend to have an almost dry and musty scent. As a result, you need to focus on making your home smell good when you move in. Buy some scented air fresheners that you can plug into wall sockets to give a nice smell. Alternatively, light a few scented candles for a different type of smell. Regardless, just get rid of the old smells and bring in some new ones.

Run through this checklist if you’re just about to move into a new property. Tick everything off, and you’ll find your house feels more like a home. Everyone will feel comfortable, safe, and settle in nicely.


*This is a collaborative post