New Home, New Start! Knowing What to Take From One Property to Another*

If you’re moving home, chances are that you fancy a new start. Why else would you be moving otherwise? Whether you want a complete upheaval, setting out on a fresh new page, or simply a new environment with a few alterations to your current lifestyle, we’re here to help. Here’s everything you need to consider when deciding what to take to your new home with you and what to leave behind.


Chances are you’re attached to certain items of furniture. Your signature piece might be a certain sofa or chair, a chaise longue, a particular bed headboard, or one of a whole host of other items. Who can blame you, if you didn’t adore it in the first place, you probably wouldn’t have bought it. These items are, of course, going to stick with you from one home to another. Make sure that they aren’t damaged or marked in transit by employing the help of professional furniture removalists. Not only will they be able to get your loved item from one place to another in perfect condition, but they’ll also be able to help you maneuver it from one room to another or even up stairs if possible. However, if you are aware that you’re having a complete change of interior design in your new property, you will want to survey your current furniture and decide whether certain items are going to fit in with your new look or not. If you think that something, in particular, will jar with your new design or simply appear out of place, ditch it. You might as well save yourself the cost and effort of moving it from A to B if you’re just going to get rid of it when you get to B anyway. Remember to never fly tip! Instead, sell your unwanted furniture or donate it. There are plenty of other people out there who would absolutely adore the piece you’ve fallen out of love with yourself.

Bedding and Towels

If you’re truly invested in interior design and have a sharp eye for detail, chances are that your bedding and towels match perfectly with the color scheme of your bedroom or bathroom. If you know full well that you are changing this color scheme at your new property and will be purchasing new items, then why bother lugging your current options around with you? You might think that they’ll make good spares, but this generally ends in one of two situations: you either have towels blocking up valuable storage space that is never touched, or you end up using all of the towels all of the time, resulting in extra washing for you. Save yourself energy and money by disposing of them before making the big move. Donate them to charities: while other people may not necessarily want to use your old towels, the materials can often be recycled to serve other useful purposes. Alternatively, if you have any friends or family members heading off to college, they’ll probably appreciate a few extra towels to take with them.

These are just two areas to focus on. Use this type of thinking on all of your belongings to lighten the load for your move and have more room with fewer hoarded goods in your new property.


*This is a collaborative post