Can You Create An Energy Saving Home That Still Looks Great?*

One of the hardest things that a lot of homeowners have to deal with is trying to figure out the right balance between a home that is comfortable and attractive to look at, with one that is functional and energy efficient. After all, no one wants to end up paying through the nose for their energy bills or doing any damage to the environment, but you don’t have to have to live in a bland, sterile home with no real sense of personality or charm either. Luckily, things don’t have to quite that extreme and there are plenty of things that you can do in order to make sure that your home is energy efficient without having to sacrifice any of its style. Here are just a few simple idea that you might want to try.

Double glazing –

Keeping the warmth in during the colder months is always pretty high on most homeowners agenda. After all, no one want’s to spend the winter with icicles dangling from their nostrils! However, having the heating on constantly is likely to leave you spending huge amounts of money on your energy bill, energy that may well be going to waste anyway. Your windows are often the place where the most heat escapes but companies like Buckingham Double Glazing can provide you with glass that keeps as much heat in as possible. Allowing you to turn the heating down without having to suffer too much. The same goes in the summer months as well. You’ll be able to stay cool without having your air conditioner or fans running non-stop.

Energy efficient bulbs –

A lot of people tend to dislike energy efficient bulbs. Traditionally, things like LED bulbs gave off a far harsher and more unpleasant light than the comparatively inefficient halogen bulbs. However, over the last few years, energy efficient bulbs have been designed to give out a more and more pleasant light, meaning that you’re able to keep your rooms comfy and cosy without using nearly as much power as you might have previously.

Get a traditional drying rack –

It’s amazing that we’ve invented many things to replace it, but the traditional hanging drying rack is still one of the best methods of drying clothes out there. Not only does it look more stylish than a folding clothes rack, but it means that you don’t have to rely on a tumble dryer which is perhaps the most notorious appliance when it comes to consuming energy. That way you not only get to save energy but you can improve your home’s aesthetic at the same time.

Embrace blankets! –

Of course, in the winter, even with double glazing, it can get pretty chilly. However, plenty of people are always trying to find alternatives to having their heating on all winter long. Well, it turns out that the best solution is simultaneously the simplest and the most stylish. It’s time to start embracing blanket! Not only are they fantastic for keeping warm but they can act as much a part of the decor as any piece of furniture. Having a soft blanket draped over the sofa is a fantastic way to lend a sense of luxury to a room, as well as offering somewhere for you and your family to cuddle up underneath in the evening to watch a movie together.


*This is a collaborative post