Seasonal Decor – Autumn


I LOVE changing things around depending on the season, especially going from Summer’s bright happy pastels to Autumn’s rustic reds, oranges & browns, so why shouldn’t your home have a seasonal touch?

My home is very neutral in terms of decor & paint colours, which makes it really easy to accessories for the seasons. I have recently bought & made some bits, which are definitely classed as an ‘investment’ considering they’ll come out every year around the same time. My aim is to ease the transition between Summer sunshine & oncoming chilly Autumn/Winter.

With the nights drawing in, the evenings getting darker & the air cooler it’s safe to say i’m coming in to my element, I am a huge Winter fan especially with my birthday being 12th December. At least until January when life gets depressing & I long for some sunshine anyway. 

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. Everything suddenly seems to get cosier. Nature is also so beautiful, I love being outside with the leaves changing colour before eventually falling. I usually refuse to put the heating on until mid October. Part of the fun of this time of year is definitely layering up with jumpers & wooly socks with hot drinks & snuggly blankets.  I love nothing more than drinking a cup of tea whilst cuddling up to my little’s under a furry blanket watching Disney DVD’s whilst it’s cold outside.

My best Autumn buy is this fireplace mantal Garland which I picked up in Homesense who have some beautiful decor in at the moment (this is part of the TK Maxx brand so is basically the home section but in one big store). Joe actually told me this was the ugliest thing he’d ever seen in his life (bit of an exaggeration) when I skipped through the front door with it one Saturday afternoon, but agreed once i’d popped it on the mantelpiece that it was actually nice & bought so much warmth to the dining room. I love the little pumpkins & pinecones!


I also picked up these beautiful pumpkin ornaments from Homesense at the same time. I’ve since seen a few people on Instagram with similar ones, they had tons of different designs/shapes/colours, but as it’s Homesense/TK Maxx, what you see there is what they have then & there so if you don’t buy it straight away you may never be able to buy it again….pretty devastating, that’s why I never risk it, much to my husbands disapproval. Again, definitely an investment as they can come out every Autumn to give the house a bit of a festive spirit & who says pumpkins are just for Halloween anyway? By adding some pine cones it gives the tray a real Autumn feel.

Speaking of Halloween, I know some people are against it as it’s a Pagen festival but I swear I’m slightly American at heart (especially with my love of heart attack inducing food, but thats another matter..) as I LOVE Halloween. I’m all over anything fancy dress like a rash. We’re actually having a little party at ours this year so stay tuned for that blog post. I’ve already mastered green slime ridiculously alcoholic punch, although most of our friends seem to be away for it this year!

Thick blankets are a must for this time of year as the weather changes. I love cosying up on the sofa so have a few scattered around the place to grab when i’m feeling chilly.

I’ve changed up the look of the lounge by replacing the middle cushions on the sofa with these gorgeous orange tartan cushions from Next available here (£16 each) plus I found the beautiful pretty much matching throw for a bargain £15 from Matalan available here (a BIG thank you to the beautiful @islamay13 for posting it to me as they were unavailable online!!).

This faux (I would never ever have real seeing as we are huge animal  lovers in this household) fur throw is just beautiful & I picked it up for a bargain price in Primark last year as well as a matching cushion. This gives our bedroom a bit of a change, plus on the really cold nights I end up putting it over myself as well as our supper thick winter feather duvet (which I haven’t changed to just yet!).

Candles are an absolute must for this time of year. I have candles year round as I find it so therapeutic lighting a candle after the little’s have gone to bed & it’s finally ‘adult’ time. I love the warm flickering glow they let off & theres definitely something so lovely about sitting down on a cold evening surrounded by them. 

Yankee do a gorgeous ‘Spiced Pumpkin’ candle which is perfect for Autumn. I picked up these spiced cinnamon tea-lights for £1.49 for 12 from B&M which smell divine.

How beautiful are these heart lanterns from the lovely @jemmahazel shop Jemima’s Locket, just £8.99 for the small one & £14.99 for the large. They let off such a gorgeous light & i’m a complete sucker for hearts.

I also bought a new Airwick plug-in which was ‘sweet vanilla & pumpkins’ from Homebargains – now the entire house smells of Autumn cosiness.

Flower wise, it’s time to step away from the usual lilies & roses. I recently dried some hydrangeas which I cut from a neighbours bush & love how they’ve changed colour to deep browns & purples. They can keep for years after they’ve been dried & are completely free (if you know somebody that will let you cut some anyway!).

The great thing about this time of year is that you can bring nature in to your own home which costs absolutely nothing. Leaves, pine cones, dried flowers….the possibilities are endless. I’m going to be blogging next week about some beautiful Autumn inspired crafts so stay tuned.

Next up will be my absolute favourite, CHRISTMAS!!! Can you tell i’m just a teeny bit excited?

Love, Charlotte x


  1. September 25, 2015 / 2:30 pm

    I laughed out loud at Joe saying the garland was the ugliest thing he had ever seen!!! I can completely relate. You come home all excited and that's the sort of response you are met with!! They just don't get it!! Lol! Kayleigh xxx

  2. September 25, 2015 / 6:40 pm

    Hey lovely, the home is looking gorgeous as ever! I LOVE autumn and agree with you there's something very cosy about it! definitely going to look for that blanket tomorrow we have the tartan curtains from next and this would match fab!

    Haven't had time to write on all your blog posts yet but i have read them! Love them as always! Was pleases to see the hall way in pics, i bet your so excited for your magazine feature (I'm excited to read it ?) xxxx

  3. October 19, 2015 / 12:16 pm

    Men are useless….no imagination at all. I now don't bother asking for his opinion as he just says everything ugly 🙁 at least you guys agree with me x

  4. October 19, 2015 / 12:18 pm

    The throw is just amazing considering its cheaper than 1 of the Next cushions….hopefully you manage to get your hands on one! Thank you so much for even reading – I appreciate it so much. Magazine feature is a week tomorrow so i'm running round like a mad woman trying to sort everything….just a shame i'll have to wait 8 months for it to be released 🙁 booooo. Have a lovely day sweetpea xx