3 Simple DIY Jobs That Anyone Can Do*

It can be an expensive task to fix all the problems that can crop up in our homes. Knowing what jobs we can and can’t, or even shouldn’t, take on ourselves is really important in order to understand where we need to call in the specialists and when we can save some money and take on the task at hand ourselves. With that in mind we want to share our top three home problems, that usually have us picking up the phone to our local handyman, which actually are super simple and easy to so yourself.

New Sofa –

Sofas can be become seriously battered and bruised over time and it is all too tempting to just want to head down to our local furniture store and fork out for a brand spanking sofa. However old and tatty sofas don’t necessarily need replacing and they can be very easy and very cheap to fix. Perhaps your sofa has lost its softness and bounce in which case you can quite simply replace the foam in your sofa to give it back its former oomph. Or maybe it is the material of your sofa that needs a little TLC in which case why not just get it reupholstered? Which will cost you a fraction of the price that a new sofa would cost and will make your sofa and all its cushions look as good as new.

Painting Your Home –

Hiring someone to come and paint your house is not nearly as cheap as it used to be. Therefore there are more and more people rolling up the sleeves and taking on the task at hand themselves. There is a slight knack to doing a really good job painting your home, but with a little patience and a relaxed approach it is pretty straightforward and can actually be rather enjoyable.

Doing a good paint job is all in the preparation. Therefore you will want to get all the paint and equipment that you will need and then prepare the rooms for painting. Don’t try to paint all your house in one foul sweep. Rather tackle each room individually at a nice relaxed pace to ensure that you do a precise and neat job. To prepare a room for painting you will want to tape all the borders. Move and cover all the furniture so that they are out of the way and won’t get splattered with paint. You will them want to make sure that the walls are primed before painting. It is generally recommendable to give the walls two coats to ensure the colour is even and vibrant.

Hardwood Floors –

Carpets can be a real pain. Although they can offer softness and warmth under bare feet, they can be really difficult to keep clean and can look very drab and dreary over time. Hardwood floors on the other hand look stylish and chic, are really easy to keep clean and won’t need replacing every five years. Taking up carpets to reveal beautiful hardwood floors requires a little elbow grease but generally it’s a pretty simple DIY job that anyone can do. With so many online tutorial videos showing you have to properly cut off the sides and corners of carpets and then how to lay down new wood flooring, or even restore existing hardwood floors it has never been easier to take on this simple DIY task that will completely transform your home.


*This is a collaborative post