Keeping Home Renovation Chaos To A Minimum*

If you’re planning on a housing project that may require on site work, be prepared for chaos. Depending on the size of the project you may have to leave and live on site. Whilst this isn’t feasible for a lot of people here’s what to do if you are undertaking certain projects. Start with having a plan, good organization along with time expectations with the time scale of how long it will take is a good start. This allows you to know exactly what is going and minimizes stress.

By establishing what areas of the house are off limits, it’s good to have a plan to hours of work with builders. Also, take into consideration the impact on neighbours.

Remember why you’re doing it, if the dream is to always have bigger spacious rooms and roofs by using steel reinforcement, it’s going to take time.This is a great way to get more space with less chaos. It’s a popular choice due to the positioning of ceiling level, with no bulk on show the room becomes a seamless area of new space.

Be sure to have one part of the house you can have space from the chaos of the renovation. This could be sectioning off a particular part of the house for you relax in. A space free of dust, debris and any chaotic mess. This space is important to keep feeling like a comfortable space you can go to keep cozy makes a big difference.

There is plenty of great advice on keeping the house during renovating out there. Keeping mess away from parts of the house that aren’t being redone will help you feel more relaxed in these parts of the house. Learn top tips on how to fight the battle with clutter and mess.

Create easy to clean areas in amongst the madness,  this will make you feel like you still have some control of the household. Try and create three areas for cooking and sleeping. Keeping these spaces as neat as possible. It’s a great excuse to declutter areas of the house you perhaps wouldn’t have done if not for the renovation. Cover your possessions with dust sheets or plastic sheets to conceal dust and protect.

Remind yourself of how far the house has come, take photos before and after to compare how more spacious room look. This will help you remember why you are going through the chaos for now. In the long run, it’s worth it, celebrate little things even if its mess finally going or a door being fitted. Don’t focus on what hasn’t been done that will increased stress and worry.

Add little finishing touches when you can see the end of the road something so simple as new cushions or even fresh flowers. When you are close to completion keep the thought of relaxing and enjoying your newly refreshed home. Welcoming new guests and hosting dinner parties will feel worth the journey.


*This is a collaborative post