Nature-Inspired Interior Decor For The Green Thumbed*

As confusing as it may sound, bringing the outdoors inside is IN right now! You may have noticed an increase in pins and Instagram posts that showcase gorgeous interiors with plants as focal points or even using them to highlight certain corners, frame a bay window, create separate spaces or add texture to an otherwise bland wall. However, this is not always the easiest thing to do as some of us might lack the expertise in plant-rearing. Believe me, it takes some skill to kill a succulent but it can be done! If you love the look of greenery inside a home but can’t bear shouldering the burden of more plant funerals and want to incorporate natural beauty into your home, you’re in luck. Here are some ways you can bring verdure inside your home without any upkeep whatsoever aside from dusting and wiping.

  • Fake it ‘till you make it –

I know what you’re thinking. Fake plants are to interior decor as McDonalds is to fine cuisine. This is, however, not necessarily the case! Delicate, elegant and frankly double-take inducing artificial plants are available on the market now. Don’t knock bespoke greenery till you’ve tried it! Even Ikea has some shockingly lifelike ones, so think of those places fake plants might be appreciated (as well as forgotten about from time to time).

  • Choose lush patterns –

Tropical interior decoration is pretty trendy right now, so you may have seen this big-leaved cushions and accent-walls floating around. These are not for every household, but if you’re looking to add an equatorial element to a room, this could be just the ticket. Whether elaborate patterns with songbirds, flowers and landscapes or simple leaves, save on plant deaths by incorporating herbaceous representations on wallpaper, prints or cushions instead!

  • Let brightness blossom –

Maybe leaves on cushions is going too far. For more subtle nature-inspired decor, choose colours inspired by your favorite flowers and plants. Whether this means carefully combining shades of green or looking at splashes of yellow and pink, don’t be afraid to look to non-decor centric images to find inspiration. Choose a few accent colours, and your sofa could be looking like a bed of fresh flowers!

  • Throw some plant-inspired shapes –

Changing the colour palette of a room is a big undertaking, but there are alternatives to consider! Instead, you could look at the gorgeous natural shapes of certain plants, like the curve of a leaf, the spiral of a romanesco broccoli or the regular concentric shapes of a succulent. Perhaps you could re-arrange some ornaments, wall decorations or add some art to your space, inspired by the beautiful shapes provided to us by nature.

  • Incorporate natural materials –

This is a good “everyday life” tip, which not only brings us closer to the natural world but also helps us to protect the planet we live on. Choose natural materials for decorating and home improvement, such as electing for wood instead of uPVC windows, up-cycling driftwood to use as a coat hanger or bookshelf and incorporating local materials into your decor when possible. Doing so in a public way will also encourage others to do the same, so do your bit to build a responsible future.

Let life into your life, minus the possibility of neglect-induced plant death! It may take some perusing, but you may just notice after your next walk in the countryside that you return with branch-inspired decor plans to incorporate into your next project. The key is to allow your mind to be open to your surroundings, and to write your ideas down as they come. Happy (fake) planting!


*This is a collaborative post