Welcome To Our Home! 5 Tips For A Top Guest Room*

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As a homeowner, there is a tendency to concentrate on what makes you happy. And, there should be because you are the one that has to live in the house for the foreseeable future. Still, it isn’t always about the property owner and their tastes. Sometimes, it’s about the people that come to stay.

If you have a guest room, you’re one of the lucky ones! But, you’re also someone who has plans to entertain. After all, it’s nice to show off the house to people that you love and enjoy their company. However, this is just a pipedream until the guest room is in tip top condition.

So, if you’re looking to invite people over as soon as possible, here are the effective and affordable interior design tips to consider.

1: Change The Bed –

There is a good chance that the mattress isn’t fit for purpose. Why? It’s mainly because the room has been left to its devices for a very long time. So, everything in it will be old and decrepit. As a result, the entire room needs a reshuffle, but the bed is the main area to focus on for now because you want people to be comfortable. Thanks to companies like John Ryan by Design, finding a supplier isn’t a problem. What is an issue is finding a bed that perfectly fits the room. Not only does it have to be practical, but it also needs to look the part. So, rather than just testing it out, also consider the design options, too.

2: And Dress It Up –

What is the point in investing in a quality mattress only for it to sit there naked? The answer is there isn’t one because it’s a massive waste of money. Plus, it won’t give the room the pop you’re looking for when you walk through the door. The only way to make it stand out is to dress it up a little with sheets and accessories. As long as you choose different fabrics and colours, the room should come together nicely. Also, the extras add to the comfort levels, so it kills two birds with one stone.

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3: Provide Extracurricular Activities –

It isn’t uncommon for people to go to bed and not sleep. Lots of people like to relax first before dropping off into a deep sleep. However, your guests can’t do that if they don’t have the tools at their disposal. A TV, for example, is a great way to waste a bit of time as well as add background noise. Or, reading materials are also an excellent addition for those that fancy browsing a book or a magazine. The activities shouldn’t be too strenuous because sleep will be elusive otherwise. But, there is nothing wrong with books and magazines or a late night TV show. In fact, they are pretty mandatory in a high-quality guest bedroom.

4: Install An En Suite –

Probably the most awkward part of having guests over is sharing a bathroom. No one likes to follow another person into the loo regardless of the relationship. After all, some things should stay private. The good news is that you and your guests can still be a slave to your bodily functions without blushing with embarrassment. How? With an en suite in the spare room. This addition will give them all the privacy they need to relax in peace. Plus, there is no reason for any awkward midnight meetings on the corridor! If this seems like a drastic move, consider a bathroom in the master bedroom. That way, they can have the other bathroom all to themselves.

5: Try It Out –

Most people wait until their friends spend the night to wait for a verdict. The problem with this is that something may be wrong, and your guests will have to put up with it during their stay. Thankfully, there is an easy fix: try it out before inviting people over to visit. By spending the night yourself, you’ll be able to spot the bugs that need straightening out before they become an issue. Then, the final verdict should be overwhelmingly positive, so much so that they’ll stay again. It only takes one night, and that seems like a small price to pay. Plus, it gives you a night off from your partner and his snoring!

A final suggestion: concentrate on the little things. A bar of chocolate under the pillow may seem clichéd, but it adds to the experience. After all, the small details often make the biggest difference.



*This is a collaborative post