Beautiful Ceiling Ideas Worthy Of A View*


As you walk into a room, what’s the first thing you see? That vivid accent wall to the left? The giant TV screen on the right? Perhaps the elegance of the fireplace is drawing your eye? No matter what your answer might be, I doubt your first glance includes the ceiling. There are several reasons for this. They’re not supposed to be the focus of the room for a start. But they are far more functional than you might think.

Height, Space, Airy –

Each of these three terms frequently turns up in property listings, particularly for Victorian living rooms. A room feels spacious and airy because of the height of the ceiling in these properties. But even a brand new home can feel lighter, brighter and more ‘airy’ with just a little attention to detail for the ceiling. Coving can help give the impression the ceiling is lifted above the height of the wall. A bright white matt finish can also help make it feel fresher with more room to breathe.

Not The Floor –

The ceiling is bigger than the floor. Well, not really, but there is plenty of furniture blocking the full view of the floor. There is little to get in the way of the expanse of the ceiling. This is the best place to look to get a visual perspective of the size of the room. Simply looking up will show you how much space you have in there. So how can you get your eyes off that beautiful wooden or tile floor and up to the ceiling?

Attractive –

To attract the eye up, consider statement lighting solutions. Sure, we’ve all seen the ceiling spot lights that sit recessed. But why not try a pendant or a chandelier? Check out the most interesting designer lighting solutions for each room. Find something that inspires you and makes a statement. This could soon become a focal point for your room. Wouldn’t it be lovely if this became the first thing you noticed when you walked in the room?


Design –

Of course, not every ceiling has to be uniformly white. It’s worth remembering that white reflects the light so will be brighter and more practical for any room. But white can be boring and uninspired. Why not consider painting a design? Stencils can offer you the opportunity for adding elegant scrolls to the corners or along the edge of the walls. Geometric patterns can create awesome visual effects too. If you have high enough ceilings, you can create this architecturally. Build the structure up with panels, lighting each one as you go. Or go for a reverse style design where the ceiling becomes the colourful accent wall, and the walls are white.

Your ceiling will probably need refreshing with a coat of paint every couple of years or so. This will keep it looking great. If you use up lighters so the light can bounce back down into the room, you may need to repaint a little more often to keep the balance of colour even. This can happen with natural light exposure too. Enjoy the view.



*This is a collaborative post