Transform Your Bathroom Into a Hotel-Like Experience*


Whether it’s to impress your guests or create a luxury spa-like experience for your own use, updating the bathroom is a fantastic way to improve your home and bring it closer to that dream house that you’ve always wanted. So to get you started, here are a couple of tips that will help you transform your bathroom into something luxurious, comfortable and beautiful.

Using Neutral Colours

Colours are incredibly important in any kind of home renovation or update. In order to make your bathroom look and feel amazing, you’ll have to learn about colour theory in design. Neutral colours, such as beige, black, grey, white and ivory, make your home look much more natural, lighter and blend well with each other. Using these in your bathroom will create a tranquil experience in your bathroom and make it feel more like a luxury hotel.

Replacing Taps

If you’re going to spend money on your bathroom, make sure you’re giving yourself a utility upgrade. Replace the shower head and taps by looking at websites such as to get inspiration. There are probably thousands of variations and ideas that could inspire you. Just keep in mind that some taps are harder to clean than others due to the materials they use, and some are more prone to fogging up and attracting dust or grime. If you’re going to replace the showerhead, then make sure it’s compatible with whatever shower you currently use. If in doubt, speak with a plumber to ensure everything is compatible.

Minimal Designs

Transforming your bathroom also means you get the opportunity to declutter it. If you’re going for a hotel-like experience, then you want to try and minimise the amount of clutter in your bathroom. Store things away in cupboards if possible and hide as many toiletries as possible. That means no toothbrush holders and no keeping your shaving tools out for people to see—you want it to be as minimal as possible. You’re allowed to have a towel warming rack or something similar, but keep it simple. For more tips on decluttering your bathroom, check out this article from for 7 fantastic tips on how to declutter.

Swap the Floor

We’ve already gone through the importance of using neutral colours, but sadly, it’s hard for some people because they’re too afraid to replace their flooring. If you’re going to give your bathroom a complete makeover, then make sure you speak with contractors and start planning out how you’ll replace the floor. Since everything in the room is going to be sitting on the flooring, you want to make this the first thing you replace before it’s too late.

Add Some Plants

Green plants and flowers go great with neutral colours. Lucky bamboo is a fantastic introduction to bathroom plants. Other options include aloe vera, begonia or Chinese evergreen. These plants thrive in the bathroom, making them excellent choices due to the humidity and lighting. Just keep in mind that every plant needs a bit of light to grow, so don’t do this if your bathroom is completely devoid of natural sunlight. However, a good replacement is to just use fluorescent light bulbs because they still allow plants to grow.

Adding Luxury Touches

Now comes the fun part. There are almost a million different ways to add luxury touches to your bathroom, and they all start with your personal preferences. For instance, do you want guests to use your bathroom too? Then add a simple wooden tray on your bathtub or counters and keep things such as candles, spare toiletries and towels on it. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your bath experience, then keep some rose petals handy and sprinkle them around to make your bathing more comfortable and luxurious.

Keeping a couple of essential oils can also be a fantastic idea. Just add a few droplets of lavender oil, frankincense or myrrh to enhance your bathing experience and take care of your skin. You could also add more modern luxuries, such as a waterproof speaker to play music, a waterproof housing for a television screen, or even have a bath that bubbles up like a jacuzzi.


Hopefully, you have plenty of fantastic ideas now to spice up your bathroom and turn it into a luxury hotel-like experience. Make sure you speak with contractors and other DIY experts before making drastic changes to your bathroom to ensure you’re not doing anything that will harm the structure of your house.



*This is a collaborative post