Slumber Your Way to Serenity… Things to Consider When Buying a Bed*


Your bedroom is, with a few obvious exceptions, a place for sleep and rest. It’s a place where you can come to relax and unwind and recharge your batteries for the day ahead. It should be a temple of sleep, free from distractions and designed with peacefulness and relaxation in mind.

Whatever changes are made in bedroom furniture trends, you must be sure never to deviate from the goal of creating a calm, restful environment.

There are many helpful (and beautiful) things you can surround yourself with to help promote this in your bedroom furniture and decor. In order to achieve meaningful relaxation, all of your senses need to feel happy and relaxed a subtle, subdued colour palette, ambient lighting, soft textures, and lovely scents are all great ways to promote sensory relaxation.

But all of this is for nought if you don’t have the right bed.

Your bed is arguably the most important piece of furniture you will own and the decisions that you make when buying one can have a very real effect on your physical and mental health.

You’ll be spending a third of your life on this thing, so it’s important for you and your significant other to be completely happy with it.

Here are some vital factors to consider when buying your new bed…

Looks do matter

While your primary concern should always be comfort, it’s no small thing to bear in mind the aesthetic considerations of your new bed. Do you want an ostentatious four poster bed or something more modest? Would you like a lot of storage space underneath or do you need to be able to see the legs? Your bed should look inviting and a place that you can’t wait to collapse into so it’s important that it should look appealing to you.

You should also consider the space that you have to work with and buy accordingly. You don’t want a bed that will eat up the room but you don’t want to feel cramped either.

Your mattress must be perfect!

The most beautiful bed is worthless if it feels like lying on a pile of rusty nails. Your mattress should have a strong supporting structure but the padding and firmness are a matter of personal taste. For some, memory foam is like lying on a little cloud of heaven, but some can’t get comfortable without firm back support. We recommend a pocket spring mattress with a memory foam top as a happy compromise but it’s highly recommended that you shop around and ‘lie before you buy’.


Choose a bed together

If you’ll be sharing your bed with a significant other then it’s vitally important that you shop together as you may have very different needs from your bed. You should climb on board together to get a feel for how you’ll position yourselves on the bed and how the bed will respond to your movements.

If your back support needs vary wildly, some manufacturers offer ‘dual comfort’ mattresses. You know how if you’re sharing a pizza you can go half and half on the toppings? This is the same principle, where one half of the mattress can be made firm, another soft.



*This is a collaborative post