Make an Entrance: 5 Tips for Choosing a New Front Door



With so much time spent working on the inside of our homes, it can be easy to forget about how to best make our houses stand out from the rest of the street.

Homely hallways provide a warm welcome for visitors, but the front door is the first impression someone will have of your home. A door isn’t just a door. The right style can reflect your personal interior tastes whilst offering security for family. Here are five essential tips for helping you source a brand new front door that will suit your home, and it’s residents, down to the ground.
Traditional vs. modern? –
Ah yes, that old debate! Both timeless and modern designs offer unique merits. Traditional styles will enhance classic English architecture. Bland driveways benefit from slick modern entrances. If you want to bring a country cottage twist to the suburbs try a Georgian inspired design. Fancy a real statement? Install an industrial style metal design to front your posh pad. Consider adding a stable door if you want to be quirky. Think practically about materials too. All doors will need regular maintenance. Heavy woods are long lasting. Metals and plastics may need more regular upkeep.
A pop of colour goes a long way –
A bright front door is a wonderful way to show off your soft spot for vibrant interiors and put your home on the map. Statement doors have never been more en vogue. From brilliant blues to ravishing reds, and even glorious greens, has a whole rainbow of colours for brightening up doorsteps. It’s a bold statement that guests will love. You’ll be proud to stand out from the crowd!
Focus on the finer details –
Statement colours and designs can be a little intimidating. Minimalists may favour simpler styles. There are plenty of ways to subtly add something extra to your entrance while keeping an elegant aesthetic. Handles are an easy way to channel your interior taste as they are quick to swap over when you fancy something new. Frosted glass panels and porthole style windows add some individual flair. Who doesn’t love a classic door knocker? Enjoy picking out details that reflect your personal style. It’s a great chance to customize an otherwise plain door with accessories you genuinely love.
A fully tailored experience –
It’s easy to get hung up on ensuring you pick out a fashionable design. However, it’s important to remember that every doorway deserves a frame that is sized to perfection. You can get practical advice on self-installing here. Hiring a professional may be a better choice for the less confident DIY fan. Changing the size or shape of your front door to house a larger style may need a little investment. But the extra character brought to your home will be worth the money.
Get your garage updated too! –
The garage is the second most important entrance to your home. So when you have decided on your front door design, choose a matching garage door to match. It will transform your property. You can do the same with back doors and side entrances too. Co-ordinating something simple like doorways provides a classy finishing touch for any house. A secure and stylish garage door will keep car owners happy too.
Love, Charlotte x
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  1. May 4, 2017 / 4:54 pm

    I really like that you mentioned the importance of color choice when it comes to doors. My home is fairly neutral and I would love to add a pop of color to it. I’m thinking I might choose a bright blue door.