Hallway Love With The Cotswold Co*

Your hallway, apart from the exterior, is the first part of your home that visitors will see so it’s really important to make the best first impression possible. It sets the tone for the rest of your house.
Although not a lot of time is spent in a hallway, it’s probably one of the most functional areas of the house considering it has multiple uses. From storage of coats, bags & shoes to being a walkway to access areas of the house & the stairs.

It’s an incredibly difficult room to design however as normally hallways are long & thin which means finding furniture which not only fits but looks beautiful & helps solve the common storage issue in this busy area can be an interior designer’s nightmare. 


Create An Inviting Entrance –

This area needs to set the tone for the rest of your home so make sure to make a good first impression. Make sure the exterior is ripe with curb appeal so visitors will be eager to have a nose around even before you’ve opened the front door.

The hallway should be welcoming so use my blog post on paint colour psychology to pick a colour that is right for this space. The colour best suited to this space is yellow as it’s instantly welcoming as well as being uplifting.

Choose shallow depth furniture to allow for easy maneuvering as well as providing storage solutions such as the hallway ranges from The Cotswold Company. Make sure to invest in solid, good quality materials for this busy area.  

No shoes in the house –

I’m a firm believer in the rule of ‘no shoes in the house’. Personally the idea of people traipsing god knows what on the bottom of their shoes around my home isn’t appealing however it’s a hard one to inforce without sounding like an OCD weirdo.

But where can people sit comfortably to take off their shoes & then store them? 

which is practical yet beautiful. It provides somewhere for shoe-dwellers to remove shoes, then a handy place for them to put the shoes so that I don’t want to lob said shoes at their heads when they leave them at opposite ends of the hallway in a heap.

Hang it up –

It isn’t a great sign for visitors when they walk in & have nowhere to hang their coat or put their belongings. 

I also added this Farmhouse painted coat hook to match the hallway storage bench. These also come as a set for a available here.
Coat pegs with storage above provide the perfect storage for all the little bits & bobs that may be needed before running out of the front door.

You could style the shelf with wicker baskets to keep gloves or odds & ends, ornaments to add a feature or simply pop items that are needed on a daily basis to stop them getting in the way. The possibilities are endless.

Make it light –

Natural light isn’t always possibly in hallways with obscured glass in doors & a lack of windows. The best option is to leave adjoining doors open however this isn’t always possible especially during the winter when heat needs to be trapped so think about installing good lighting solutions such as spot lights or if you’re blessed with high ceilings then a hanging pendant light or chandelier.

You could even pop a table light on a console table to add mood lighting.

Show off your personality –
Hallways don’t have to be boring or bland. Gallery walls are the perfect addition & can show off some of your most treasured memories.

Add personal touches such as frames, vases, candles, ornaments & so on to give the space some character.

Keep it tidy –
Clutter is a huge no-no in a hallway. Nothing turns people off more than having to wade through abandoned shoes into a house. 

Make sure that all members of the household know where to put their shoes, coats, bags, keys & give it regular decluttering sessions to keep on top of worn out abandoned trainers or winter coats hung up in the middle of summer.

Love, Charlotte x

Please note – this is a collaboration post featuring items generously gifted by The Cotswold Company however ‘The Home That Made Me’ will always indicate to readers when a post is a sponsored/collaborative effort. In doing this, I reserve the right to be honest & authentic. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own & 100% genuine.

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  1. July 11, 2016 / 9:13 pm

    I love how cosy and yet bright your hallway is! I've been after a shoe bench just like that one… off to check it out. Thanks for sharing 🙂