Refitting Your Kitchen Yourself? Here’s What To Look Out For*

Lots of us love the idea of a fresh, contemporary look for our kitchens. The trouble is, many kitchens that you buy in the big brand stores will only install them for you if you rip out your existing one. This can seem very wasteful when you feel there is little wrong with the bare bones or carcass of your kitchen. For a quick update, all you may want to do is touch up a few things, not start from scratch.

Cupboard Doors –


Refreshing your fascias or cupboard doors is easy when you’re buying the parts yourself. However, mixing suppliers can lead to a few fitting problems. It’s best to double check the measurements of the hinge placement to be sure the new outers will fit. Many people prefer just to paint over their existing cupboard and drawer fronts. Gloss finishes will usually make that impossible. Instead, try a sticker decal for something fresh and different.




Just changing the handles may be all you need to do here. A fresh set can quite radically alter the aesthetic of the room. Why not try a LED strip light border or trim? This can create a lovely contemporary effect. You could change kickboard lighting, down lighters, spots and cabinet lights to cheap-to-run LED bulbs.

Sinks and Taps
Changing the sink and tap set isn’t an impossible job for you to do. However, debris can easily fall into your pipework. Damage can also occur. Blocked drains often require a plumber to check them over and get your water flowing again. If this is the reason you want to change the sink, why not check with your plumber first if it can be fixed?
Changing the taps to a more modern style can also make the kitchen appear more attractive. It can also help the space become more functional. You might choose a mixer tap that can be extended to reach further. There are plenty of options. Check that the tap will fit the sink you have and that the pipework width is a match before you order.
Buying new appliances for the kitchen will always help lift the look of your interior. However, it’s important to note that some appliances must be fitted by a professional. Cookers often need a qualified gas engineer or electrician to make sure they are connected to the mains correctly. Don’t forget to factor in this extra cost when you are budgeting for your refit.
Other appliances, like dishwashers or washing machines, need to connect to drainage, water pipes, and the mains. They are notorious for having very short connecting cables and hoses, so consider if you need to buy new lengths. You may also need clips to manage the cables or hoses behind the appliance too.
A full redesign of your kitchen could be a huge project to take on. But a few little aesthetic adjustments can be just as beneficial to the look of this room. A new colour and some fresh accessories could be all you need to make your kitchen your favourite room again.

Love, Charlotte x

*This is a collaborative post