How To Make £££ From Your Home

We’ve all been there when an unexpected bill comes through the letterbox or you have to call out an emergency plumber when your boiler decides to stop working in the middle of winter.

Unfortunately £££ can’t be magic’d out of thin air (wouldn’t that be lovely) & the option of working more hours/getting a second job can be unmanageable. 

Sometimes payday loans can seem all too tempting, & sometimes they become essential when they are the last option. The interest rate on these are absolutely astronomical & can make paying them off seem overwhelming so should be avoided at all costs.

It got me thinking about ways to make money from your home, especially for those that have little ones. So, here are some easy suggestions –

Rent out a room –

I used to do this in my old house for about 4 years & couldn’t recommend it enough. Depending on the area, size of the room & amenities you could be earning £300+ for renting out your room to a professional. I actually met some of my best friends through doing this & although I did have my fair share of nutters at the same time so ALWAYS make sure you carefully vet all potential housemates as well as asking for references. When renting out my 2x spare rooms, I was earning £900 PCM. Considering a Monday – Friday lodger is always a good option if you wanted some space at weekends too.

Host foreign language students –

Again this is pretty similar to the above, however in the summer you can host 2x students in the same room (size dependant) & for brilliant rates considering it’s a short term basis. We are hosting students with our local language school from now until the beginning of September on & off in order to pay for a lovely family holiday.

It is more work considering you’d be expected to give them breakfast, dinner & a packed lunch at weekends as well as doing a load of washing & strip beds once a week, BUT they do pay well!

Start up a business –

Do you have something you are specifically good at? Maybe you are a naturally crafty person & could turn your hand to making things that you could then sell on. Having your own business can be demanding but the beauty is that you can work at home in your own time & control how much/little you do this. What about dog walking/sitting?

Upcycle furniture –

A lot of people seem to be doing this in our area but it’s a brilliant way of making money if you have the know how. Upcycling furniture is relatively easy & again can be done in your own time but you do have to source furniture as well as transport it then get to work painting it before you can even consider selling it. Space can also be an issue as storing tables, dressers & every other type of furniture can be a pain if it then doesn’t sell for weeks/months. To view my Annie Sloan chalk paint upcycling tutorial click here.

Hire your home out to film crew or for photo shoots –

You can register your house on various websites such as or for producers or photographers to hire out for a few hours – a few months. This is great if you have a desirable house in a good location which may entice people needing somewhere for a shoot.

Rent out a car parking space –

If you live in an area with high parking demand then many people will pay to park their car in your drive. Many people do this in the town centre or near a big company that doesnt offer parking. It won’t make a difference to you if you work during the day as they are usually Monday-Friday plus you’ve got increased home safety with burglars not wanting to risk breaking into a property when a cars parked on the drive.

Do you have any quick ways to earn £££?

Love, Charlotte x