Let There Be Light: Illuminate Your House With Natural Daylight*

Every single room in your house can take advantage of beautiful windows and natural light. A home bathed in the beauty of daylight looks bigger, fresher and more modern. Even on days when it’s not sunny, there’s something rather enchanting about watching the rain beat down or seeing those first flakes of snow. Aside from worrying about how you’re going to be cleaning all those windows (read getting someone else to do it!) let’s take a look at some of the enticing ways you can illuminate your home with one of the world’s greatest gifts.

Sky Lights –

If you want to give your home an instant update, sometimes the rule ‘go big or go home’ will apply. There are many little things you can do inside your property, but perhaps you are now ready for a big investment. Installing a skylight is a breathtaking way to add a stylish dimension to your home. A skylight will flood your home with natural daylight. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers privacy while giving you lots of light. A skylight is a wonderful addition to a kitchen. But it is important to take into consideration how big you want the design to be and what type of glass you want. If the area you are installing the light in gets hot, you will want to choose a vented skylight, which is one that can be opened and create ventilation. If it is in a spot that gets the shade you may consider a fixed skylight, which cannot be opened. You will also need to think about the structure of your property when working out where you can install this feature window. All that said, a skylight is one of the most beautiful ways to bring a tonne of natural daylight into your home. This stunning feature will seamlessly blend the outdoors with the inside. And it’s perfect if you like stargazing at night!

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Bi-Folding Doors –

Installing bi-folding doors in your living room or kitchen is perfect if you use your outside space quite a lot. They are fantastic if you have children and pets too. Bi-folding doors can take up a whole wall in your house, completely opening up your space and illuminating your home with natural light. Buckwin offers a wonderful array of high-quality options and enchanting designs. Such renovation is a big investment. But it is one that will make a magnificent difference in your living areas. Opening up your house to the garden is not only a good selling point for the future, but it means you will make more use of your outside space too. It will become second nature to open up those doors and saturate your house with welcoming light. Bi-folding doors are big but compact. They are also luxurious, modern and really cool when it comes to summer entertaining!

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Kitchen Extension –

My third idea for maximising natural light is to add a sleek extension to your kitchen. If space permits, this is both a great investment and a fantastic way to make the kitchen an area that everyone can hang out in. Disregard any ideas of an old-style conservatory. A new, contemporary extension that utilises both bi-folding doors and a huge skylight will add serious light to this area. The extra space can be used as a children’s play area, a stylish dining room or even an extra place to lounge. Open-plan living is completely on trend. And a kitchen extension will effortlessly give you a greater sense of space and freedom.

Are you ready to let some natural light into your home?

Love, Charlotte x

*This is a collaborative post