How To Turn Your Home Into A Film Set*

Taking great pride in your home is just something that comes naturally to many of us. After all, it’s the one place you can relax, surrounded by your hand-picked décor and all the hard work you put into making your home beautiful. But what if you could share it with the whole world?

Don’t worry – we don’t mean inviting the whole neighbourhood round for afternoon tea. Many people these days are offering up their stylish homes for use in films, television and magazine photoshoots. Location agencies like 1st Option are used to source hundreds of these houses, flats and apartments.

You might be surprised to hear that so many of the houses we see in the media are actually real homes, not just purpose built sets. Take a look at the advice below and you too could see your home appearing on the big screen.

What does my home need?

Your home doesn’t need to be amazingly luxe to be considered for a film set. But, you will need to take the following things into consideration.

Space –

Most shoots involve actors, camera operators, directors, production staff and runners. All these people will need to fit into your property at one – thus, you’ll need a fair amount of space. Depending on the scale of the shoot, you may also need high ceilings to accommodate large cameras and microphones. Many shoot location agencies will turn down even the most beautiful home if it isn’t ‘shoot friendly’.

Access –

If your flat is stunning but at the top of a thirty storey skyscraper, it may not be the most practical shoot location. In these circumstances, a large lift is essential for the crew. But if they need somewhere with panoramic views, your place could be perfect.

Style –

What makes your home unique may well be what makes it ideal for a location scout. If you’re a fan of the minimalist look, your home may be perfect for a modern TV series. It could also be ideal if the production company is bringing a lot of props, as there will be less of your own items to move out of the way. These minimalist home are also popular for magazine shoots in monthly glossies.

If your home offers more period features, don’t shy away from them. Learn how to take care of the historical aspects of your home to keep them in film-worthy condition. Your property could be the face of the next big period drama!

Cleanliness –
It might seem obvious, but ensure that your home is in pristine condition before any location agencies arrive. Just as you would put on a smart outfit for a job interview, it is your home which is applying for the job here – so everything needs to be clean and tidy.

If you think your place fits the bill and you’d like to see it on screen or in a magazine, why not give it a try?

Love, Charlotte x

*This is a collaborative post