What to Do When “Pests” Endanger Your Home*

“Pests” tend to rank relatively highly on the list of most homeowners’ worst nightmares. This isn’t all too surprising. There are very few of us who would voluntarily share our home with wild creatures. However, if you do experience some sort of “pest” problem with your property or land, it’s extremely important that you understand the situation fully before taking action. Here’s everything you need to know on the topic.

Understanding Why Animals Encroach on Your Land

Demand for housing has gone through the roof in the past decade or so. This isn’t all too surprising – after all, the number of humans on the planet is constantly on the rise. However, as we are constantly taking over more and more land to suit our own needs, it’s extremely important to remember that this land wasn’t previously uninhabited. Before we came along, it was likely home to various native species and by building houses, commercial properties, schools and other public properties here, we are imposing ourselves on other creatures’ natural habitats. When you take this into account, it’s not all too surprising that various animals will start encroaching on what you consider to be your land. They’re merely looking for somewhere to live and sustenance to maintain them!

Knowing When “Pests” Pose a Problem

Now, there are various circumstances where the presence of certain animals within our personal space is problematic. However, the majority of animals that are referred to as “pests” merely cause a nuisance at most. Nine times out of ten, animals’ presence on your land or around your home results in zero damage. However, there are certain circumstances in which animals can pose a serious problem to the structure and safety of your home. Take wood boring insects like the death watch beetle as an example. These small creatures can slowly but surely cause decay in buildings’ timber, laying eggs on woodwork and allowing freshly hatched larvae to tunnel and create galleries in the wood. While many people will automatically consider exterminating these creatures, you should bear in mind that there are much more humane methods to remove them from your property. Nine times out of ten, rather than using chemical treatments, you can simply change the environment and they will leave of their own accord!

Tackling Non-Urgent Issues

If an animal isn’t directing a threat to your property and wellbeing, you have a little more time on your hands to assess the situation and come up with a resolve. Consider what exactly is drawing these creatures to your property. If it’s food, make sure that food can’t be accessed. Clean up waste immediately, secure trash in locked bins, stop leaving your pets’ food down on the floor. Cutting off the source of food will prevent animals from returning. If you just have patience, you can use simple logic to put a stop to problems you are experiencing without turning to cruel practices of extermination against creatures that are merely looking to survive.

As you can see, pests really needn’t be a major issue as long as you act responsibly and in a moral manner!


*This is a collaborative post