10 Interior Quotes To Live By

I’m a big fan of a good quote & even better when they are to do with my favourite subject; interiors. Inspirational quotes have an amazing way of inspiring & motivating people to change the way they look or feel about themselves or things around them…a sort of mantra.

It only takes a few clicks on Pinterest to see a whole heap of quotes & phrases so the interior design world is no different & I’m going to bring you my favourites & how I interpret them in my own home.

1.“Have nothing in your house that you do not believe to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” – William Morris

1.If you’re a regular over on this blog then you’ll have no doubt read that quote multiple times – it’s my favourite & something I live by. The secret to a tidy home? Being ruthless with decluttering (& good storage!) so that means selling/chucking/donating anything that isn’t useful OR beautiful (aka you can’t live without it….I mean artichoke ornaments definitely aren’t useful in any way shape or form, lets be honest).

2. “A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you & create fantasy” – Juan Montoya

When designing a space, you want to create ‘zones’ & multiple areas which will draw the eye. For example, in my living room I have multiple areas for the eye to flick around to, from the console area with the framed feather print to the sofas with footstool then over to the fireplace & snuggle chair. One focal point just isn’t enough!

3. “Appreciate history, but also bring your own experience in to a room” – Istvan Francer

This is SO important; I am a lover of old houses & couldn’t personally see myself living in a new build. When designing Baylyn House I have always been very thoughtful & respectful of the age & history of this 136 year old house, in fact, it completely fascinates me & I’ve been on a history geek quest to find out more. Yes, ripping out period features should be made illegal but you also need to realise that it’s your home & if that original fireplace isn’t going to fit in to your life or just isn’t your style then somethings got to give. It can always be put in & restored later down the line anyway.

4. “If you love something, it will work. That’s the only rule” – Bunny Williams

Don’t follow trends or worry about what’s hot & whats not….just follow your heart & if you love something then it will work out. I’ve previously bought items without having a place to put them like the big wooden angel wings above the rolltop bath in my ensuite.

5. “Your home should tell the story of who you are, & be a collection of what you love” – Nate Berkus

I mean, that just sums it up perfectly right?! A home should display your favourite family photos, items that hold sentiment & scream ‘you’.

6. “Listen to what the space says – the walls, the windows. You can’t change what that space wants to be” – Lella Vignelli

To a certain extent, I think this is true. You can only design to a certain extent but have to be guided by the character, style & atmosphere of the rest of the home.

7. “Inspiration is the seed. Design is but the flower” – Michael Langham

Who else has come across their dream room on Pinterest or fallen in love with someones home on Instagram? That plants the seed which then stems being creative with design in our own homes, even if thats subconsciously. We grow as designers by immersing ourselves in the world of interiors to turn those seeds into flowers aka the beautiful finished rooms.

8. “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Get rid of clutter & twee to embrace a simple, relaxed look which is easy to live in. Sometimes a design can look too much if you try too hard & simple, classic, timeless styles will always win.

9. “A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually” – John Saladino

Well, isn’t this what The Home That Made Me is all about? Houses are SO much more than bricks & mortar so shouldn’t be treated (or designed) as such.

10. “There are no rules!” – Michelle Elzay

Finally, the nails been hit on the head with this one. The amazing thing about interior design is that anything goes & there are no set rules…if your heart beats for bold clashing colours & patterns with more collectables than an antiques shop then go for it, likewise if like me you love a bit of neutral ‘beige’ decor then so be it. Theres a place (& a space…) for everyone, it’s all about finding your tribe who love your style just as much as you do.