How To Add Some Personality To The Exterior Of Your Home*

You may have spent years turning your simple little house into a home to be proud of. You may be a serial decorator who’s never content with leaving things the way they are. Either way, it may be time to turn your flair for customisation and interior decorating onto the outside of your property. Adding a few final touches to the exterior can really set the tone for your property and its location perfectly, just be sure you can live with your choices, as adding personality to the exterior of your home is a bit more permanent that changing the interior paint of your living room. So without further ado, here are three ways you can add some personality to the exterior of your home.

Windows and doors –

Many people choose to have a door that they think suits the personality of the property. Colour, material, how much glass there is, and much more come into play. However, many people forget to have the same approach to their windows, ending up with utilitarian white upvc. Opting for a wood effect and coordinating that finish with your front door and garage can add a huge amount of style and sophistication to your home. If you have a period home or something quite grand in appearance, you could choose to install Tudor leaded glass style windows, or Edwardian sash windows complete with shutters. Not only do they let you keep your home in keeping with its heritage, but they also allow you to keep it environmentally friendly and efficient by combining modern double glazing with traditional styling.

Woodwork and brickwork –

You could go big and bold, or subtle with this one. If you live in a small cottage, it’s quite usual to paint the exterior walls white, blue, pink, or any other pastel colour, giving your property that traditional seaside feel. You could choose to pebbledash the front of your home too. As an alternative to that, you could simply paint the woodwork a bold colour or varnish it. If you wanted to really add a signature look, you could install mock Tudor beams to add a touch of refinement and class to your home. There are even companies who will be able to install a facade to your brickwork to make it appear to be made of sandstone blocks or any other finish you could think of. Having this approach will make it very easy to ensure that your house stands out in a street full of plain bricks and white wood.

Front garden and path –

We started big, now think small. Add a hanging basket to your front porch, line the pathway with shrubs or a small hedge, plant a blossom tree in the centre of your front garden. The choices are endless and really allow you to show off your individuality. A well manicured and carefully planted front garden can turn a simple home into something wonderful. You could even choose to shun the grass and create a decorative gravel garden using different coloured stones and patterns.

There is no end of ways to add some style to the exterior of your property, but keep these three main areas in mind, and in no time you’ll be the envious talk of the town.


*This is a collaborative post