Home Is Where The Hearth Is*

As Ned Stark would say, winter is here. With that in mind, it’s important to make the designs as practical as it is stylish. Come on – no one wants to live in a cool yet cold house. A fireplace is an ultimate choice because it looks rustic, gives off plenty of heat and saves money on energy bills. Still, most hearths aren’t the finished article and need a few finishing touches to make the house a home. Here, then, are the decorating ideas to keep in mind to ensure the fireplace is an integral fixture in the home.

Winter Greens –

Before anything else, make sure the fireplace is easy to deliver and install. If you have any problems, Shiply is a great source of information. Once the hearth is in the house, it’s time to get the creative juices flowing and there’s no better inspiration than outside. Although winter is supposed to be snowy and white, the truth is that it is full of browns and greens. Leaves fall from the trees and the gale-force winds cover the streets in a mixture of warm, cosy colours. Instead of leaving them outside, you should bring a few inside and put them on the mantelpiece. A wreath alongside a smattering of winter flowers is a perfect combination.

A White Winter –

Even if it isn’t snowing outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the look in the living room. At least it will feel wintry at home if the weather doesn’t play ball. The key is to whitewash the fireplace so that it gleams with a gloss and a shine that only snow can give off. Everything from the cushions to the antiques needs to follow the same pattern. Also, don’t forget about using lights to offset the look. The key is to opt for a bright light that isn’t soft. A white fireplace works perfectly if the hearth is black.

Contrast –

The best fireplaces are the ones which are a focal point for the rest of the room. Therefore, it’s vital to give off contrast. One of the best ways to do it is to find the total opposite design and incorporate it into the room. As you know, black and white works well but so do reds and vivid blues. For instance, if you want winter greenery, don’t be afraid to add summer plants and flowers. But, only use them sparingly so that it doesn’t appear odd.

The Neutral Look –

There’s no need to go full out in the winter stakes if you don’t want to. Indeed, sometimes it’s best to stay neutral so that it doesn’t cost as much to redecorate every season. Of course, you don’t want the hearth to be boring or monotonous, so it’s essential to add splashes of colour. Gold is terrific because it’s neither summery nor wintry as it’s very abstract. All you have to do then is find ways to implement the style without being ostentatious. Lots of designers use accessories such as paintings and cushions to get the design just right.

If you want a hearth, make sure it looks the part this winter.


*This is a collaborative post