Your Home Should Be Your Sanctuary*

Your home should be your safe place. A place where you can shut off from the rest of the world and have some peace and quiet. Yet with the kids running around, or your partner deciding to leave everything and anything lying around, it can often seem like the home isn’t even yours. But there’s so many things that you can do to reclaim your home as your sanctuary. Follow these simple tips to feel safe and happy in your home once more.

Lay Down Some Rules –

As we said in the opening paragraph, it’s easy for your home to be ruled by everyone else but you, yet you’ll be the one running round tidying everything up after everyone. It causes stress and can cause some annoying arguments. The simple solution being lay down some ground rules. For your kids, get them involved in the house work, and use a reward chart to encourage them to pick up after themselves. As they get older, change it to pocket money for doing chores. It’ll make life so much easier for everyone in the house. When it comes to your partner, just express how annoying it is when you have to pick everything up after him, or do everything for him. Owning a home should be equal, make sure he follows this.

Make Your Room Your Sanctuary –

Your bedroom should be your one place you can head to just take a breather and relax. So make it somewhere extra cosy, and somewhere you can treasure. A simple step being, put a lock on the door! Kids are so pesky for just storming in when you’re trying to get your 5 minutes of peace and quiet. This knocks out one problem. Fill the room with relaxing scented candles such as lavender to help you drift off to sleep easier. Now it’s slightly colder, get the fluffiest throw over for your bed that you can to snuggle up to. Then as a final touch, why not get the light and music boxes. They’ll display relaxing mood lighting, and soft sounds to help you fully relax. It’ll be like being at a spa.

Safety –

Whether you own your home on your own, or even with a family, safety can be a bit of a worry. But there’s a few things you can do to put your mind at rest. Firstly, get some new up to date locks installed on your doors. A locksmith will easily be able to sort this for you, and it’ll make you feel much more at ease. Then, for a little extra added safety, you could even think of adding in a CCTV camera to monitor what happens outside your house. The latter might be an expensive option, but it helps create the safe sanctuary you need.

Making sure you home is a sanctuary on the inside and out is so important, especially if it’s been feeling like exactly the opposite for a while now. The sooner you start making changes, the better.


*This is a collaborative post