Integrating Tech Into Your Decor Style*

Technology is a wonderful thing, but it does have one downside: it’s not pretty.

Of course, there are exceptions; clever nightlights that can make a room shine with the pattern of the night sky, exquisitely-crafted kettles and toasters that look more like artwork than functional appliances. However, for the most part, technology just isn’t attractive.

This is frustrating. When you have carefully cultivated a style for your home, the need to then break the overall look so you can incorporate technology can feel rather bitter. Routers for the internet access we need aren’t attractive items; and few of us would choose to display the cable monster a modern TV requires as a design piece. So how can you integrate technology into the overall styling of your home?

The Smaller The Better –

The smaller technology is, the more expensive it is… but the less obtrusive it is, too. Wherever your budget will allow, opting for small technology will ensure you don’t disrupt the flow of the overall aesthetic of your space too much.

Positioning Is Everything –

How you position technology in a room is vital to the overall impact it will have on your space. As a general rule, height is absolutely essential. If you can store items like your router in high corners, then it’s far less obtrusive, and easier to integrate into the overall feel of a room. There’s also the added bonus that installing shelves and bookcases close to the ceiling can make a room feel taller.

Keep Sight Lines Clean –

There’s a tip that goes around the internet every few years; store your router in a drawer or behind a bookcase! The same applies to CCTV cameras and all the other obtrusive tech we’re meant to want to hide; people are encouraged to store these items behind distraction objects such as books, ornaments, or floral displays.

To be frank, this doesn’t work. All this technique does is make an area appear more cluttered than it truly needs to. It’s far better to opt for clever integration of the item itself rather than trying to disguise it. Look for ways to hide the wires from appliances and opt for CCTV installation by a professional, who will be experienced in ensuring the items are not an eyesore. There’s nothing wrong with having a piece of tech standing alone on a shelf that sits close to the ceiling; this is far better than trying to clutter up a space with “distractions” that actually just make everything look worse.

Use False Walls –

False walls can be a godsend for helping to disguise unsightly wiring, especially with your main TV in the living room. You’ll need to consult a builder who can build a false wall to hide wiring, but this is an expense that you won’t regret. A false wall tucks all of the unpleasant wiring out of view, meaning your TV can just float as if suspended from the wall by magic.

Integrating technology into your home is not as difficult as you may suspect. Implement the tips above, and you can have the overall aesthetic you love alongside the functionality that you need.


*This is a collaborative post