Better Ways to Use Your Garden*


Many of us take our outdoor space for granted, rarely using it unless we fancy a few hours in the sun or a cookout party. Some of us even use the garden as nothing more than a storage space for all of the junk that we can’t easily accommodate in the house. It’s time for this to change!

There are so many more worthwhile ways to use the backyard that it makes sense to make some changes and make the most of the extra space you’re lucky enough to have. Here are some ideas to help you do just that:

Grow Your Own

Growing your own, whether it’s just a few herbs, enough vegetables to feed your family all year, or a little fruit, is a great way to get involved in your garden, and improve the quality of food you eat, while also saving money. If you have kids, it’s also a great way to teach them more about the planet and where our food comes from. It might also encourage those fussy eaters to consume more fruits and veggies, too, which is never a bad thing.

Create a Meditation Location

Creating a Zen garden, like the one’s you’ll find at Architectural Designs, is a great way to give yourself a tranquil space where you can go to gather your thoughts, meditate on the issues of the day and restore balance to your life. It also helps your garden stand out and look fabulous too.

Build an Office

Whether you currently work from home, whether as a contractor, blogger, freelancer or business person, why not invest in one of the steel buildings available at Armstrong Steel Corporation for your garden? You can create your very own office, which because it is outside in the garden will give you more time and space, not to mention peace and quiet, to conduct your work, and which will help you to stay relaxed as you work on your goals.

Create a Haven for Wildlife

If you love nature and you not only want to be able to see it in your own backyard every day, but you also want to help it thrive, create a wildlife haven by introducing bird feeders, wildflowers, a pond and nesting boxes to your garden. This will help to attract birds, frogs, bees, butterflies and more!

Build an Artist’s Studio

Buy a summerhouse, pod or even a shed from Home Depot, and you can create your own little artist’s studio at the bottom of the backyard, where you can paint the birds in the trees and the flowers in the garden in comfortable isolation whatever the weather.

Grow Your Own Medicine

There are many herbs, plants and flowers which are known to have medicinal properties, so if you’re into wellness, alternative medicine or natural health, what better way to use your humble backyard than as your own all natural pharmacy? Plant lavender to promote a better night’s sleep, ginger to tackle nausea and chamomile to soothe your stress. Not only will you have all of the remedies you need to deal with minor complaints quite literally on our doorstep, but your garden will look good and smell great too!

Do you have an unusual use for your backyard? Please do share it with us!


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