10 Easy Hacks to Keep Your Home Warm*

Utility bills seem to rise every year, and the sad truth is that in 2017 many people are having to choose between eating well and heating their home. Heating is one of the most significant household expenses today, but fortunately, it’s also one of the easiest places to cut costs with just a little effort and imagination. Here’s a look at ten easy ways to keep your home warm.

Keep Yourself Warm –

Do you need to put the heating on? Many of us have our heating on full while we walk around in t-shirts. While you want to be comfortable at home, at some point, it’s just silly. Wrap up in a jumper and warm slippers. You could even do some exercise to get your blood pumping and warm you up.

Stop Draught –

In the summer, you can barely feel a draught, even when you are sat right next to it. Then, the weather turns, and all that air that’s seeping into your home is cold. Make your own excluders for by your doors and try to fill any other gaps with sealant.

Check Seals –

Door and window seals wear over time, and they may become loose. This lets cold air in and also means that your home isn’t as safe as it should be.

Hot Water Bottles –

Putting a hot water bottle into your bed for half an hour before you get in is a cheap way to make sure you are getting into a cosy bed every night. Keep one on the sofa with plenty of cushions for when you’re snuggled up watching TV too.

Check Your Pipes –

The last thing you want in the winter is a burst pipe leaving you without hot water or heating. So, check them before it’s too late. If there are any problems, get a Plumber into help. It’s an expensive now but could save you money in the long run.

Use Your Curtains Well –

In the daytime when it’s sunny, throw your curtains wide open and let the sun heat your home. As soon as the sun goes down, close all of your curtains to trap the heat inside.

Move Your Furniture –

If you’ve got large pieces of furniture such as a sofa or bed, next to a radiator, move it. You might be keeping warm while you are sat there, but the rest of your home is suffering.

Insulation –

Around 25% of the heat in your home escapes through the roof, so while getting loft insulation is expensive, you could save a lot over time. You may also want to consider cavity wall insulation to keep even more heat in.

Turn Down Your Thermostat –

In 2014 the WHO revised their recommended minimum living room temperature from 21 degrees to 18, so if your thermostat is above that, turn it down.

Use a Timer

Putting your thermostat on a timer is another great option to avoid using more than you need. Set it for just before you get up in the morning and any other time that you are in the house a lot.

Instead of just throwing your heating on full blast as soon as you feel a chill, think about other ways to get warm first. Over the course of a year, this could save you a small fortune.


*This is a collaborative post