Renovating Your Garage*

Source: Wikimedia

Your garage is more than just a place to store your car, in fact, your garage is more likely to be a glorified spare room, piled from floor to ceiling in junk and that is how it would remain for the rest of its days. However, you can make it more than just a junk room, you can turn it into one of the best rooms of the house, because of the sheer scope! Here are some things to think about.

A Garage For A Garage Band – 

The way it used to be was that you would use your garage for band rehearsal, but now with most people using their bedroom to make music from their laptop, the classic setup of a three-piece band is nowhere to be seen nowadays. So you could bring this back by setting up your amps and drums there, as the garage is the best place for them due to the possibilities of masking the noise. You can do this by draping the walls in soundproofing material, such as black curtains or soundproofing foam, which many recording studios use.

Workstation, Not Play Station –

If you are doing anything like carpentry as a hobby, the garage space is the perfect place to do this. It’s far enough away from the house that it’s safer, but also the noise levels are severely reduced. It’s in this instance where you can make the most of heavy duty shelving and turn your garage into a proper storage facility for all of your tools. DIY projects are perfect for a garage, so if you have the space, you can turn your garage into a proper workstation, with a proper workbench.

The Office: A Distraction-Free Workplace –

If your garage is big enough, you could make one-half of the space a place for your car, but you could turn the other half into an office. Amazingly, there are ways to turn your garage into an office that doesn’t just include setting up the desk in the corner. You can put flooring down and suitable material onto the walls and turn it into a place for productivity.

Make It A Storage Facility, But… –

You can make the most of your garage’s space by putting in a ceiling storage system. Doing this, you are making the most of your space, but you’re still finding a place to store all your junk. By building flanges that can store tote boxes, it’s a great way to keep little trinkets out of the way. It’s not recommended to store heavy items in this manner, but you’re still putting your garage to good use.

Gym (Not For Neighbours) –

The most common way of making the most of the garage space is to turn it into a gym. But instead of a measly bench, purchase a proper home gym, so you can do free weights exercises with things like barbells and install a pull-up bar. Or go the whole hog and turn your garage into a circuit training facility.

We all have some ideas on what to do with our garage, but we all end up making it a glorified storage space. So do a little bit more for your garage, it deserves it!


*This is a collaborative post