Tips For Furnishing Your New Home*

If you have recently moved to a new house, you are probably looking for ways creative ways to decorate it. However, immediately after a move, you are on a tight budget. The high costs of moving house, such as removal company expenses, estate agent fees, and price you paid for your new home mean you have limited resources for furnishing. Luckily, there are various tricks and alternatives that you can use to decorate your new home easily and without having to break the bank.

  • Make A List –

Just as moving house requires a lot of planning, so too does furnishing your new home. Without proper organisation, you run the risk of driving up costs and overspending. Take inventory of the items you already have, the furniture you need, as well as a wishlist of things you think would enhance the feel of that room.

  • New Coat Of Paint –

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to transform a room is simply to paint the walls. Breathe new life into your walls with a fresh coat of paint. Bright, bold colours work wonders for added energy. If you are not willing to fully invest in painting a whole room in a vivid blue or bright yellow, there is the option of painting only a feature wall as part of a big statement piece.

For a smaller change, neutral colours are a good starting point to your decorating plans. Think of it as a blank canvas that you can improve upon. Neutral tones work with many colours and styles, giving you the chance to both mix and match. For more variety, you could use certain cushions, plants, or statement pieces to add a splash of colour!

  • Buy Secondhand –

One of the best ways to find fantastic and quirky furniture at a low cost is to buy used pieces. Take a look around secondhand shops or markets and you can find the piece that could tie your room together. Be on the lookout and try to be extremely selective. An old piece provides personality and can differentiate your room from any modern room.

  • Embrace Upcycling –

Another great way to find interesting furniture is to look at what you already own. This is when upcycling comes into play. Perhaps you have a set of old oak dining chairs that look worn and shabby. With some paint or polish you can make things look brand new. Or you could repurpose a metal trolley as a bar cart or an extra shelf in your kitchen.

With upcycling, you can really get creative! Reusing your old pieces cuts down on furnishing costs quite considerably, as you will only pay for some paint or a few handles or knobs.

  • Multi-Purpose Furniture –

When looking for furniture for a room, try to identify pieces that can serve multiple purposes. For example, an ottoman is incredibly versatile as it can act as a seat, footstool, coffee table, storage, or even a vanity chair. Modular bookcases can be rearranged to suit your needs and can be used as side tables. Also, try to find furniture pieces that you can move around to change the mood of a room. A chair will have more value if it can work in both your living room and a bedroom, allowing you to shuffle around how you want to decorate.

These are 5 tips to finding affordable furniture for your new home. With careful planning, easy tasks, and creative thinking, you can decorate your new house on a tight budget without sacrificing style.


*This is a collaborative post