How To Prevent Weeds From Attacking Your Grass*

Everyone knows what a pain weeds are in the garden. No matter how much you try and get rid of them – they keep coming back with a vengeance!

Here are all the different possible ways of (attempting to) get rid of those darn weeds.

Scald them –

This doesn’t mean give them a telling off – although it may be worth a try…

Boiling water works well to kill weeds, but you shouldn’t use this method if you’re trying to treat your grass because you’ll end up killing it too, as well as everything around it. So only do this if you’re trying to tackle weeds that poke through any slabbing you may have.

Salt them –

This is another option that will attack anything it touches, so be really careful where you lay it down. This is brilliant if you’re trying to treat the weeds that run along your lawn though. Any kind of salt that you have in your kitchen will do, although rock salt is very effective to use at the end of the winter season.

Suffocate them –

Weeds will struggle to survive without sunlight and water, just as any other plant – so smother them! You can do this by covering them with several layers of newspaper (it’s biodegradable) and then use some mulch on top and cover it all completely. Your other option is to just cover the whole lawn with some LazyLawn artificial grass – not only will you be sorting out your weed issue, but you’ll have the most perfect grass all season, with very little maintenance needed.   

Pull them out –

Yes it sounds simple, and you have most likely tried this, but the key here is to keep up with it regularly, and doing that isn’t easy.

The best time to start pulling is when the ground is still a little moist from watering or the rain. You should slowly pull from the base so you have the best chance at getting the root out. It’s also best to start removing them when they are young before they get time to spread their seeds. – Don’t forget that the weeds can be added to your compost pile, so don’t just throw them out – at least get some use out of them!

Raise chickens –

A lot of you may not want chicken in your garden, but they actually have many great uses, besides the obvious – supplying you with delicious fresh eggs in the morning, they will also keep on top of your weed issue. This is because they’re scavengers, and will enjoy plucking out all those evil weeds and even devour the seeds that are waiting to sprout next. Plus, they’ll lightly till the soil too, keeping it soft and loose. And if you have any horrible critters that are damaging your plants – the chickens will sort that problem as well!

So now you know your options, decide what will work best for your garden, or even use a few different methods and see what you prefer. Weeds are a nightmare, but just keep telling yourself they will not defeat you – and you’ll be fine… Right?


*This is a collaborative post