What Makes The Guest Bedroom Unforgettable?*

It’s such a joy to welcome guests in your home. For every host, this is the time to adjust the décor, give a last round of vacuuming – the house can never be too clean – and look out for subtly scented candles to add a fragrant touch to their bedroom. In a way, your home only comes to life when you can show it off to your guests. Here is the lounge, here is your bedroom with a lovely view of the garden, and here is our collection of sweet teddy bears sitting on the shelf above your bed. Whatever you have to show, it only exists in the eyes of someone else. Not in yours _ which isn’t to say that your interior décor is not to your benefit, but it receives all the attention it deserves when a new pair of eyes discover it. Having guests also means that you need to prepare the guest room for their stay. Here is how to make the most of it.

Prepare Everything In Advance

Don’t wait until the last minute to get ready. You should already have planned the sheets and throw for the bed as well as the bath towels too. In most households, the host keeps the guests’ bed sheets and bath towels separately from the rest of the household textiles. While you may not need to go to this extent, you should have sets that can be prepared in advance. An easy option to go for is to keep the bath towels and the bed linen white, but you can also embrace more vibrant ensembles. For instance, a creative duvet cover can be combined with plain towels that match its design. Or maybe you can pick a colour, such as pastel pink, and decorate the entire bedroom with a coordinated colour scheme, up to the bed cover and the towels.

Thoughtful Décor

You should always look at your guest room like any other room of your home. It is a room that deserves to be decorated with as much love and care as anything else, even if you don’t go there often. A good choice in terms of creating lovely decorative touches is to opt for a symmetry approach to balance the elements in the room. For instance, in your guest bedroom, it’s good to place a bedside table at each side of the bed for symmetry and practicality. Keep in mind the symmetrical balance when you lay the shelves and place the lamps and chairs too. It will give the room its finish.

Bonus Points For An En-Suite Bathroom

There is no denying it: one bathroom is sometimes not enough when you have guests. If this doesn’t happen often, you can surely make do. But if you receive friends and relatives regularly, it may be time to consider a second bathroom, or even an en-suite for your guests. An en-suite will require a toilet, a sink with a smart storage vanity unit – you can check them out here if you are looking for bathroom storage options – and preferably a shower, unless you’re lucky enough to have a huge room for a bath. Ensure as well that the room has a source of natural sunlight and high-quality ventilation.

Guests Don’t Just Sleep Here

Receiving guests doesn’t only mean that you should prepare the bedroom and the bathroom. It’s also about creating a fantastic breakfast experience. The main problem with having guests tends to focus around breakfast. For many hosts, a cup of tea and a bowl of cereals, while it might be nice during the week, can feel less homely when you are receiving friends and relatives. You could prepare delicious a French toast breakfast in a few minutes. You can be sure that the sweet smell will bring everyone to the kitchen table! Homemade apple and cinnamon muffins are also a good choice that you can even prepare in advance. They work particularly well with a cup of green tea and some fresh berries.

Can This Be A Business? 

With a little preparation, welcoming guests overnight becomes a truly pleasant experience. Could there be anything more enjoyable than surprising your guests with a delicious breakfast and a cosy bedroom? If you enjoy the experience, and if you have sufficient room too, you could also turn it into a business. Cosy bed and breakfast accommodations are always a hit, especially if you live in a touristic area. Have a look at the best BnB’s in the UK to find some inspiration. They all share a love of welcoming guests and a strong attention to details of interior décor and hospitality.