Using Symmetry Within Interiors

Using symmetry within Interior Design is definitely not a new concept; it’s a well known rule that balances out spaces, draws the eye & creates interest which has been used throughout the ages in peoples homes.

Think of a shelf like a see saw; it becomes unbalanced if things aren’t even weights. You can’t plonk a load of accessories on one side & expect it to look ascetically pleasing.

Part of the use of symmetry is balancing out a room; this is achieved when items within a room are mirrored or repeated along an axis. We as humans love balance so within Interior Design it creates a feeling of stability & calmness. It can be used in anything from the perfect ‘Shelfie’ to the way you decide to lay out furniture in a room.


We use symmetry in interiors whether we realise or not; think about our bedrooms. The vast majority of us will have a bedside table either side of the bed with a lamp sat on each. We may not necessarily need that much lighting but it just looks right.

Our brains automatically process & recognised symmetry before anything else so the key to achieving an immediate ‘wow’ is to use it. Take for example, how we’d feel if thing’s didn’t quite add up. One bar stool at a large breakfast bar would look strange (as well as be impractical unless you live by yourself & never have visitors!) but two or three evenly spaced draw the eye & create a feature.


Take, for example, my console table in my living room. This is how I lay it out with two lamps either side, four picture frames of varying height, obviously with a Jo Malone (for burning on special occasions!) in the middle. An arched window mirror sits behind to bounce light as well as instantly making the room look bigger by reflecting back.

Now look what happens if I rearrange these items out of symmetry. The same items, but a different layout.


Yes it’s more expensive to buy two (or more..) items but the overall look you’ll get will always pay off.

How have you used symmetry within your home?



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  1. Lauren
    June 7, 2017 / 3:58 pm

    I totally agree Charlotte, symmetry is key and we don’t always even realise it! I love your console table.