5 Ways To Make Your Room Look Bigger


In the UK, we are fast running out of space & so properties are getting smaller & smaller; large victorian homes are knocked down to make way for blocks of flats & any land is turned into new build developments with room sizes 1/3 of the size that they used to be. Likewise, property prices keep increasing with the demand for decent sized homes meaning getting on the property ladder is verging on impossible for the majority of young couples.

If your home is making you feel clostraphobic then interior design could definitely help you make your rooms feel bigger & in this post i’ll show you a few clever ways to give the perception of space –

1. Make it light – keeping a room light & bright will make a room feel bigger so always opt for paler paint colours & light furniture. You can easily paint any dark wood furniture by following my tutorial here which will instantly lighten up the space & make it look bigger. It’s also really important to make use of any natural light so if you have curtains, make sure they are pushed back fully (if possible go for a curtain pole too long for the window) as well as use mirrors to bounce this light around.

2. Don’t do feature walls – having a feature wall will instantly bring that wall forward visually & make the room feel smaller. Detailed wallpaper will also make a small room seem too busy & cause the eye to be automatically drawn to that area. Stick to plain neutrals!

3. Draw attention to the ceiling – you want to make the room feel as spacious as possible so one way of tricking the eye is to make the room seem taller. Use tall lamps or ornaments.

4. Keep everything minimal – as always (I swear I say this on every single post!), get rid of anything you don’t want/need! By having no clutter & keeping things minimal it’ll immediately give you more space & make everything seem bigger.

5. Don’t buy bulky furniture – always measure up the room & check sizing before you purchase any furniture to make sure it doesn’t take up too much space as it’ll end up taking over the room & eyes will be automatically drawn to it. Instead stick to key pieces that are pretty yet practical.