For The Love Of Patterned Tiles

The patterned floor tiles in my ensuite bathroom are something that I get asked about more than any other feature in my home. You guys can’t get enough of that quirky look which had Mr THTMM begging me to step away from.

When I came across the floor tiles from Tile & Bath Co back when I was planning to redo our ensuite bathroom from boring black & white suite to roll top victorian heaven, everybody that I showed them to doubted me.

I don’t just mean “oh Charlotte those are, urm, interesting?“, I mean “those are revolting, what is wrong with you” kind of feedback. But I was determined that I was going to love them & lets just say, a lot of people are eating their hats.

You can find them here.

Since then, patterned tiles have been popping up all over Pinterest & the world of interiors have taken as much of a shine to them as I did a few years ago.

Tiles have been a bathroom staple for donkeys years, mainly seen as a smart solution rather than a decorative accent. They are the perfect flooring for high traffic area’s such as hallways (uhhhh original victorian floor tiles are every renovators dream find!) as well as protecting areas they may get wet such as kitchens.

Gone are the days when the tile is simply a solution; I’m here to prove that you can definitely have a little bit of fun with them.

Kitchen splash back –

The perfect kitchen splash back to add a little bit of colour & pattern to an otherwise plain kitchen. Either tiled under kitchen cupboards & below wall units or add a feature around a sink or cooker area, depending on the amount of impact you want to make.

One of my favourite Instagrammers, the gorgeous @gingerhearts has pulled this off perfectly with her bold look which follows all the way around her kitchen.

Another one of my favourite ladies is Anna aka @blossomingbirds who’s added patterned tiles on the wall as a feature behind her cooker – doesn’t it look amazing?

Tiled flooring –

As my ensuite shows, patterned floor tiles can instantly add character to what would otherwise be lacking.

Jemma has added a small area of tiles to her porch which gives an instant wow factor.

Tiled fireplace –

Source: Pinterest

If you got a rather tired or dated looking fire surround or perhaps been victim of the dreaded period feature removal, then why not try adding patterned tiles? These Pinterest images show exactly how effective it can look.

Tiled bathroom –

Source: Pinterest

Why not go all out & put a pattern on your walls as well as the flooring? Bathrooms are the perfect place to make a real statement whilst also keeping everything water resistant. It’s a win win situation really!

Think outside of the box – 

These Pinterest images show that patterned tiles really can be used anywhere!

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest



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