The Art Of Accessorising

Accessories are the finishing touches that we put on our homes to give them a homely & complete look. Think of it like giving a present without wrapping it first or baking a cake but without icing or decorating; your home will look bare & unloved without the simple touches which turn a house into a home. 

As they say, the devil’s in the detail so I’m going to tell you the secrets of getting the art of accessorising just right.


Firstly, what are accessories?

I’d say that accessories are anything that aren’t necessarily essential in a room. The things you place on your furniture such as cushions or throws across your sofa, candles flickering on your side table, ornaments or picture frames on a shelf. These are the little details that add character. 

So, what are my top tips?

1. Keep neutral –
Keeping the background neutral means that you can use your accessories to add pops of colour. I’m obviously a big fan of neutral decor in general but would always advise to go for something plain in terms of paint colour or even more importantly investing in large pieces of furniture. 
Cushions & throws are much easier (& cheaper) than redecorating a room or falling out of love with the bright green sofa you thought was a good idea 6 months ago.

2. Think stylish yet practical –
The most important role of accessories within your home is to add character, however if they can double up as being practical & functional then it’s a win win situation. Think this gorgeous key hook from The Home Of Homemade which is perfect for never losing your car keys again yet also stylish & just screams character.

3. Make it meaningful –
Don’t just skip past the small trinkets that will end up making as much of an impact as the larger things. Display things that have meaning such as shells collected from a trip to the beach or framed dried leaves from Autumn explorations. Framing your favourite photos of your favourite people is also a brilliant way to bring life into a room.

4. Don’t forget lighting –
Probably the most essential factor is mood lighting. Typically you should avoid using your main overhead lighting which can seem too harsh, instead opting for table or floor lamps as well as candlelight to give a soft, warm & homely glow. Mix it up with patterned light shades to add texture or colour.

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