Bedroom Storage & Organisation*

This time of year see’s us waving goodbye to our shorts & flip flops & waving hello to oversized wooly jumpers which makes it the perfect opportunity to give your bedroom an ‘Autumn clean’ (who said cleaning’s just for Spring anyway?).

If you’ve read my ‘Tranquil Tidy Bedroom‘ blog post you’ll know I love to spend time in my bedroom & find it vital to have a room in my home to escape from all the responsibilities as a parent & take 10 minutes of ‘me’ time.

Storage solutions are a huge part of bedrooms considering it’s usually (unless you live in a mansion with a walk-in wardrobe or devoted dressing room – lucky you!) the room where all of our clothes, make-up, shoes & so on have to live. So, I thought it’d be a good idea on my top tips for bedroom storage & how to keep it organised.

I always make sure all my drawers are organised which not only helps keeping everything tidy but it also makes putting everything away so much easier knowing exactly where everything ‘lives’ so it never gets too messy or becomes a dumping ground.

Bedroom drawers are often over-cluttered, unorganised & filled with things you no longer use or want. I use drawer dividers/pop up boxes such as these, to keep everything seperate & usually start by emptying everything onto my bed and then sorting through the contents – things you use/need & stuff to throw away/sell/give to charity. You should then divide everything you want to keep into different categories, such as socks and underwear, make-up, PJ’s etc & place them back them back into your drawers in their new, organised system. 

Total Wardrobe Care are the experts when it comes to making your wardrobe looking pretty as well as practical for all your storage needs. Have a look here for their clothing storage solutions. They also specialise in anti-moth products which in an old house like mine can wreak havoc in a wardrobe. 

So, how do you go about making the most of the space you have?

The biggest item in your bedroom is obviously your bed; so it’s a great idea to turn it into somewhere that you can store things. Unless you’ve already got an ottoman bed, the best solution to this would be using underbed storage like these shoe boxesWhen choosing bedroom furniture, always go for peices with the most storage space. Even bedside tables can differ greatly with room despite taking up the same space.

Another brilliant solution is door storage – either the inside of your wardrobe door or even your bedroom door. You can find all sorts of clever organisers which will come in handy depending on what you need to store. You can find lots of clever ideas here.

My absolute MUST is to have a clear out every few months. The less ‘stuff’ you have, the easier it is to stay clean, tidy & organised. It’s all too easy to keep hold of clothes that haven’t fit us in 5 years (that size 8 dress is definitely not going to fit anytime soon unfortunately…) or has been worn 3x a week because we love it so much but has gone all bobbly & has holes (could you have a moth problem? see here) in. GET RID OF THEM NOW!!

Go through all of your drawers & wardrobes then pick things out individually & really think ‘does this fit me? have I worn it in the last 6 months? will I wear it again? is it in good condition?’ If you answer no to any questions then put it in the bin/sell/charity shop pile.

Finally, once your bedroom is clutter free & organised, think about how to keep it looking this way. Total Wardrobe Care have some brilliant products to keep your wardrobe & clothes looking great including lots of ways to keep things smelling fresh & beautiful even if they’re sat in a wardrobe for 6 months in-between washes such as scented drawer sachets & liners.

My personal favourite are these cedar balls which not only smell amazing but also absorb moisture to get rid of mould. You can refresh them by lightly sanding or popping some essential oils on them every few months.

How do you get the most from your bedroom? Go on an Autumn bedroom clear out today!


*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Total Wardrobe Care