A Tranquil Tidy Bedroom


I’m a firm believer in that a bedroom should be a place of sanctuary, especially for parents who have to share every other space with tantrum throwing toddlers & the mounds of toys that come with them.

It’s so important to have one room in your house that you can completely relax, take 10 minutes ‘me’ time & unwind after a stressful day. Usually this would be a bedroom – although when this room turns into a laundromat lookalike (we’ve all been there let’s face it – not putting away that mound of laundry & rummaging through it to find clean socks every day) or a pub table (forgetting to remove the stash of glasses you’ve forgotten to take downstairs & ended up resorting to using the 1 remaining for days on end) it can go from tranquil to stressful.

Nowadays, I realise the importance of this room & make sure every morning straight after I climb out of bed, I put love in to it so it loves me back.

My husband will always say ‘what’s the point? You just get back in it & mess it up every night!’ but I couldn’t disagree more.
It creates a positive start to the day & goes on to produce more productivity with that sense of achievement.  It’ll honestly set the tone for the day & starting that one task will mean that you go on to do others – even if it is just a small thing.
Also, how much better is it to climb into a nice looking & inviting bed after a long day rather than a scruffy mess & arguing over who’s pillow is who’s (another reason to make it – so that you can put all the good ones on your side!).

Secondly, try to keep it as tidy as possible.
We’ve all been there when you try on clothes before a night out & the result is 10 dresses that are 3 sizes too small as well as a floor you can barely see.
As the popular saying goes ‘a tidy room leads to a tidy mind’ & I couldn’t agree more. You won’t be able to relax properly unless everything is put away & not used as a dumping ground.
Make time to put everything away after use, regularly hoover & dust.

Pinterest is your friend when it comes to decoration. What one person things is a relaxing bedroom is completely different from anothers. Find what works for you but just remember that you do have to sleep in it so it should be calm & muted rather than loud & proud.

Invest in good quality textiles. When I bought my first house (see house tour here) I went for the cheapest mattress I could find & you definitely get what you pay for as I slept with springs in my back until I finally invested in a memory foam mattress topper which helped for a little while later until I decided enough was enough & invested in a much better quality one.
Also make sure you buy good quality duvets & pillows (these are very much personal preference as I love medium bounce but super thick pillows & the thickest/heaviest duvet possible whereas my husband hates both & complains nightly that he’s too hot) as well as sheets & duvet covers). I’ve learned that it’s not wise to skimp on bedding items when shopping for your bedroom. Doing so not only wastes your time and money, but can, at times, result in serious health consequences as well. You’ll save money in the longrun with these as if you go for cheap, you’ll end up with rediculously thin pillows in a month & have to rebuy anyway.

Finally, they say to ban electricals in the bedroom for better sleep quality & to allow yourself time to ‘wind down’ as well as stimulating our natural nighttime light reflexes (looking at a screen stops us from producing Melatonin which means that our body doesn’t know the difference between night & day) which is why we don’t have a TV in ours. However when i’m tired but it’s not quite time for bed (queue 7pm when the children have gone to bed), the only thing I want to do is curl up under my duvet & watch trash on Netflix so an Ipad always makes it’s way into ours.

Love, Charlotte x


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  1. March 7, 2016 / 4:23 pm

    Our bedroom where we live at the moment is so cluttered because we have no space in our house, but my inspiration for when we buy a house is to have a baeutiful white bedroom with barely anything in it!