How A Brush With Cervical Cancer Has Changed My Life

A few months ago I told you all about how I had unfortunately had a brush with the dreaded ‘C’ at the age of 25. The post had a crazy amount of visits & I am overwhelmed at the response from all of my lovely readers offering support.

If you haven’t caught up on it yet then you can get the low down here. I wrote this post after my operation to remove my pre-cancerous cells but then had an anxious few weeks wait for my results.

On Wednesday 7th September, just over 4 weeks ago, which was the day before my 2 year anniversary, my best friends wedding & a couple of days before we were due to go on holiday I received probably the best letter of my life from my consultant telling me that the operation removed all cells & I would now be tested in 6 months with another smear. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how that letter made me feel. I cried happy tears (as some of you may have seen on my Instagram stories!) & felt a sudden relief wash over me that had been holding me for months since my initial smear results.

I was one of the lucky ones that caught these cells right before they would have ultimately turned into cervical cancer. 

Those of you that read my blog post before will know that I actually had to call up my GP surgery a few times in order to be booked in for my first ever smear as I think a computer error on their part meant that I hadn’t been called forward for one. I was over 6 months late for it, but had I not personally actively pushed for my appointment, I would probably be sat here none the wiser with my abnormal cells developing.

Since I shared my story, I’ve had SO many absolutely lovely messages through from ladies that have avoided their overdue smear appointments but after reading have booked in. A few of them have unfortunately received similar results as mine & are now undergoing further investigation. Others haven’t been quite so lucky & have been through hysterectomies, chemotherapy or lost loved ones because of this horrible disease.

This just goes to show just how important it is to attend your smear test every 3 years!

So, how has this changed my life?

This experience has COMPLETELY changed my life. In ways I never ever thought possible. I would obviously never wish a health issue (let alone scare) on anybody but I do think it’s had a really really positive effect on me.

Physically I have realised that nobody (& certainly not I) is invincible & so it’s really important to look after ourselves to hopefully stop anything avoidable happening. I have joined Slimming World & started losing weight as well as making sure all of become a more active family. Even my two littles have had a bit of a shock when the biscuit barrel was replaced by a fruit bowl.

Mentally I have changed beyond words. Previously I was so anxious all the time, even to the point of going on to anti-anxiety medication as I couldn’t physically calm myself down or stop my mind overthinking even the smallest of situations. I think most other things such as my over the top keeping the house spotless all the time & always seeking ‘more’ in every aspect of my life stems from anxiety. It ruled my life.

My relationship with my husband has also changed & I think it’s actually affected him greatly too. Since the initial letter came & I spent 24/7 googling ‘cervical cancer’, convinced that I was going to die, he’s stepped up & taken care of me, shown me that I don’t have to be strong all the time & been quite frankly, my rock. Our saying is ‘happy wife, happy life’ which I always joke that he should get tattoo’d on him, but he honestly tries so hard to make sure I’m happy. He’s even overtaken me on the cleaning front (see below!).

Nowadays I feel much more laid back & little things don’t seem to bother me as much. I read ‘The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F**k’ by Sarah Knight & have started adopting it’s principles which are ultimately to stop wasting time that you don’t have, doing things you don’t want to do, with people you don’t want to do it with. This book is incredibly funny as well as enlightening & it’s made me realise that I can’t continue pleasing everybody or trying to do everything & anything if it doesn’t make me happy. 

I put too much pressure on myself to be this perfect person, which I most definitely am not. I feel like I’m slowly getting my priorities into their correct order.

My new ‘life is too short’ approach is helping me to realise that I should focus more on the things that DO matter rather than things that don’t….such as having a show home 24/7. Although I will always be very house proud & try to keep on top of everything, I am definitely not as strict as I used to be & even my husband has been shocked (& quite frankly horrified that he’s had to start doing more…) at how I just simply don’t care as much anymore. Hoovering 3x a day won’t change the world & neither will making sure the house is immaculate before I go to bed. It can all wait. 

Love, Charlotte x


  1. October 9, 2016 / 7:43 pm

    Hi Charlotte, pleased you got the all clear. Your post pushed me to have my first dreaded smear. I kept ignoring the letters to book an appointment (ive just turned 30). My results are abnormal also. I feel all the things you have felt. Fingers crossed my outcome is positive too. Thank you for Sharing your experience and prompting me and probably a few others.. To have our smear tests. -Stacey xxx

  2. October 10, 2016 / 11:56 am

    So pleased you have now been given the all clear and it just goes to show how important this test is. I really need to book in for mine again, I did have one earlier in the year but was told there was a problem with it where they couldn't test it properly for some reason so need to have another done, but I've yet to do it. I'm not scared of getting it done, just one of those things I've been putting off and thinking "I'll book an appointment for that soon" but that 'soon' never seems to come.

    I'm glad it's helped you have a more laid back approach to things too 🙂

    And also thank you for giving me a reminder to get mine booked in!

    Melissa x

  3. October 11, 2016 / 11:23 pm

    Amazing story! Thanks for sharing and happy for you and your family on your outcome. Unlike avoiding GYN's, I go religiously every year for my Pap. It turns out that my last one came back abnormal and I will need to have a colposcopy done, which is already scheduled. I am so freaked out by this as I do not know what to expect thereafter. I am very hopeful and pray to God all goes well. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  4. October 27, 2016 / 6:29 pm

    Hi Kerry, oh no I'm so sorry to hear that but also so pleased it was my post that spurred you on to going for the overdue smear in the first place! I've got my fingers crossed for you but please do let me know if you ever need to chat 🙂 it's a horrible situation to be in x

  5. October 27, 2016 / 6:31 pm

    Hi Melissa, I think that's sometimes the case if they didn't get enough cells etc. It's so easy to forget about it & put it off but hopefully you've booked the appt now xx

  6. October 27, 2016 / 6:33 pm

    You're doing the right thing by going every year & although it's come back as abnormal, you know it's obviously been recent changes! I think it takes years for the cells to develop into cancer so sure it'll be fine – well done you for keeping on top of it all & hopefully you'll be back to those yearly smears soon x