Sainsbury’s Living Challenge*

A few weeks ago I was invited by Sainsbury’s to undertake a 1 week challenge & I absolutely jumped at the chance seeing as I’m a big fan of affordable interiors, especially if you can sneak them in with your weekly shop so your other half never has to find out “that cereal you like has really gone up in price you know…”.


During this challenge, my ever-so-grouling task was to live, sleep and bathe with Sainsbury’s Everyday Luxury collection for one week to test out it’s quality as well as value for money. 

Sainsbury’s Everyday Luxury collection incorporates the need for quality with the typical brilliant budget that you’ll find from one of the UK’s top supermarkets. 

For the past week I’ve been snoozing within goose down & 400 thread count Egyptian cotton bedding. It has honestly felt like staying in a hotel with that gorgeous silky soft feeling. It’s a hard life!

White bedding is a staple in many homes, the crisp look can make a room look bigger as well as being brilliant for mixing with patterned prints including decorative cushions or throws for a laid back, relaxed feel.

I was pleasantly surprised at how roomy the bedding was, despite being a king size our mattress is quite chunky which usually means that I have to purchase extra deep fitted sheets so that they don’t pop off the corners 20 times a night. I found that the sheet & even the duvet cover/pillow cases allowed plenty of room for even the fluffiest of bedding. 

I personally loved the thick goose feather & down pillows which my head sunk into & I felt like I was on a fluffy cloud, however my husband wasn’t a huge fan. He prefers thinner more firm pillows but this is a very personal thing.

Layering with a throw at the end of a bed adds a touch of depth & texture whilst also coming handy for nights where you’re feeling the chill. 

On the downside, the duvet was 10.5 tog which was too heavy for this time of year but I’m already counting down the weeks until Christmas (???, just in case you weren’t aware!) so I can’t wait for the nights to draw in & get cosy under this. 

Finally, this absolutely gorgeous 3 wick candle was the cherry on the cake for a luxury feel. Being a bit of a candle fanatic I was impressed by how well the scent settled which meant that it wasn’t essential to burn for too long & left a very clean yet soft smell, just perfect for climbing out of the bath & straight within those sheets. 

In the bathroom I swapped my usual towels for some of Sainsbury’s Everyday Luxury pure cotton towel which are made from Egyptian Cotton Hydro (a low twist technology that ensures towels are thicker and softer than normal without feeling heavy and bulky plus stay fluffy wash after wash). They are honestly the softest things ever & wrapping myself in one of the large bath sheets after a long soak was nothing but pure bliss.

I have to admit, before I started this challenge I did wonder how some new bedding was going to change my life, but I was taken by surprise & am now (much to the husbands dismay) a thread count checker & obsessor. In fact, I even went as far as to chuck out some of our old sets which just simply didn’t compare once you’ve slept in hotel quality textiles in your own home. I’m not 100% sold on such pristine white however as I’ve never been good at keeping ‘white’s white’, especially with two sets of sticky grubby hands running around!

You can find these products in most large Sainsbury’s stores – 

  • By Sainsbury’s White Quilted Throw Large, £30
  • Collection 400TC White Ladder Lace Bedlinen Double, £45
  • Home Collection Egyptian Hygro Cotton Bath Sheet White, £17.50
  • Home Collection Egyptian Hygro Cotton Face Cloth White, £2
  • Home Collection Egyptian Hygro Cotton Bath Towel White, £13.50
  • Home Collection Egyptian Hygro Cotton Hand Towel White, £7
  • Sainsbury’s Multi-Wick Candle, £8

Why don’t you try the Sainsbury’s Living Challenge & see how small changes within your home could make a big difference?

Love, Charlotte x 

*This is a collaborative post with Sainsbury’s Home