8 Things To Consider When Picking The Perfect Sofa*

Your sofa will probably be one of the main investments in your home when it comes to furniture, so it’s really important to go for something that’s going to suit your needs. 

It’s always a good idea to have a think about what you want from your sofa, even making a list of thing, so with the help of Sofas & Stuff I’ve come up with my top things to take into consideration –

1. Budget – 
How much do you want to spend on a sofa? Sometimes playing on the cheaper side isn’t always cost affective as you may find after a year or two it needs replacing. 

2. Style – 

Do you want something slick & minimalist, traditional & comfortable or something which screams sophistication?

3. Material – 
Leather or fabric? This all depends on the practicality side of things below whilst also taking into consideration of style (practical vs pretty as I love to call it!). If you know you’ll be contending with spills & stains then leather is durable & cleanable. You can also consider stain guarding fabrics but always make sure to go with something tough. At Sofas & Stuff you can choose up to 8 free fabric samples to make up your mind before purchasing by clicking here.

4. Practicality – 

Who’s going to be sitting on the sofa or living around it? If you have young children & pets then it probably isn’t a good idea to go for a super expensive cream fabric number for a few years. 

5. Colour – 
This is a big one as you don’t want to fall out of love with that lime green couch which once made your palms sweaty & heart skip a beat. I would always advise going for something neutral which can then be customised with oversized cushions & throws which is ideal if you’re anything like me & like redecorating every other day.

6. Comfort – 

This is a personal factor & something that only you can determine. Would you prefer something that you can sink in to or that holds a bit more shape to add support? It’s easy to fall head over heels over the look of a sofa without taking into consideration how it feels to sit on it day after day.

7. Use of space – 

Is this sofa going to be used for sleeping occasionally? If so it may be beneficial to go for a sofa bed for unexpected visitors. If you are lacking in storage space then perhaps a ottoman footstool may come in handy. 

8. Size/shape – 

Never go for anything too big for the space, a sofa shouldn’t completely take over a room or on the other side be too small for the space either. Consider how many people you need to seat – would a corner sofa work in the room? Perhaps a love seat or cuddle chair such as this Abbotsbury one from Sofas & Stuff would provide further seating without needing a whole additional sofa.

Love, Charlotte x

*This is a collaborative post with Sofas & Stuff