20 Tips To Getting Your Interior Right

If you struggle with getting your interior to look ‘right’ then this is the blog post for you. It can be very unmotivating if you’ve followed plans but then it just doesn’t have the wow factor when put finalised or reflect your personal tastes & style.

In this blog post I’m going to tell you my top 20 tips for getting your interior right – first time! 

1. ALWAYS make sure you plan before you start. Read more on that here.

2. Gather inspiration. To see my top places to find interior inspo see here.
3. What’s staying & what’s going? Declutter like your life depends on it. Read more on that here.
4. Ask advice! Don’t be afraid to ask others what paint colours they’ve used, where they’ve got that beautiful table from & so on. If budget allows then it always pays to ask an Interior Designer for help, I offer this service & usually end up saving clients far more than my fee by being able to source furniture cheaply.

5. Think about the occupants of your home. Permanent ones are obvious but it’s also important to think of visitors especially if you like entertaining.

6. Make the most of each space. Using a space as a multifunctional room is usually a must for many people as space is of a virtue so don’t be afraid to pop an office area in a dining room or use as a playroom.

7. Make it unique to you. It’s so important to make your home feel like yours so don’t go down the neutral decor route if bright clashing colours is more your thing.

8. Set a budget & keep to it. Overspending isn’t a wise idea but if you really really need (as in can’t possibly live without!) that gorgeous table lamp that costs £100 when you’ve budgeted £20 then save up for it.

9. Make sure your home flows by allowing for colours & schemes to complement those in other rooms, especially if you have an open plan layout.
10. Embrace textures & patterns by using different wallpapers for feature walls as well as soft furnishings.

11. When deciding on paint, make sure to use a sample pot on a large piece of paper or cardboard (use a couple of coats to get an even finish) which you can then move from wall to wall. You’ll find many colours change depending on lighting so you need to be sure before you start whacking out the paint brushes & rollers.

12. Try neutral – It’s ideal if you get bored easily like me & fancy a change up. Paint walls & buy furniture in a neutral colour then use accessories to add splashes of colour.

13. Style with the seasons. Be fresh & bright in the Spring/Summer & cosy in the Autumn/Winter.

14. Lighting plays a huge part in the feel of a room so make sure to contract stark ceiling lights with mood lighting in the form of table lamps, candles & even fairy lights to set the mood.

15. Measure all furniture before buying to make sure it firstly fits through your front door but also doesn’t take over the space.

16. Symmetry is your friend when it comes to fireplaces, console tables & so on. Things look better in pairs as an interior rule.

17. Go second hand from places like Gumtree, Ebay or Facebook buy/sell groups. You’ll be surprised what bargains are to be found.

18. Upcycle! Find more info in my previous blog posts here.

19. Final touches are the main thing to get right but are easily changeable. Think soft furnishings so cushions, curtains, rugs & throws as well as accessories like picture frames, lamps & so on.

20. Remember, it can never be 100% right. Sure, you’ll love it for a few months but then if you’re anything like me you’ll want to change things up again & pick faults in the perfect! But, as I say to my husband…practise makes perfect & that’s whats so fun about interior design.

What would be your top tip for interior perfection?


Love, Charlotte x